For your next dinner party, serve these “Today Show” recipes and shine like America’s best chefs. Every genre of cooking has it’s own listing of recipes, from easy to complicated. Beginner and chef alike will find the instructions straightforward and the results delicious. Give “Today Show” recipes a try, and you might change Tuesday night meatloaf to something far more exotic, but not more expensive.

  1. Chef Roble Ali offers Texas-style steak sliders on cheddar biscuits. The steak is chicken-fried in a simple batter. The cheddar biscuit recipe is more than basic- the cream gives them punch and richness not found in ordinary biscuits. Serve these on game night, but be careful; you might not be able to get rid of your guests.

  2. Katie Quinn of the “Today Show” introduces a recipe for tomato marmalade from author Rachel Saunders. The recipe is a variation of an old Southern classic. Try this with your next barbeque for one of the most unique flavors you’ll love.

  3. For a decadent sounding desert, try the recipe for strawberry cream cake. Susan Westmoreland of Good Housekeeping make this mouthwatering delight for “Today Show recipes” viewers. Whole wheat flour, low-fat buttermilk and nonfat yogurt balance with high-calorie ingredients such as confectioner’s sugar and heavy whipping cream to make this not only delicious, but healthy as well.

  4. Todd Wilbur created one of the most popular “Today Show” recipes for 2010. Make your own healthy version of a Twinkie by following this simple recipe. Create your own versions by switching different flavored fillings.

  5. Barbeque pork ribs are among the top “Today Show” recipes for 2010. Gina and Patrick Neely of the Memphis Barbeque share a recipe that will keep your guests and relatives coming to your house for dinner. Of course, you could send them home with it and visit them, too.

  6. Frank Pellegrino Sr. and Jr. from Rao’s in New York City shared their chicken scarpariello  recipe. This “Today Show” recipe is a hit at my house. Who says Italian is fattening? With something that tastes this good, serve gelato for dessert.

  7. Rack of lamb shouldn’t intimidate anyone. Impress your guests with this dish and they’ll think you took cooking lessons or ordered take out. Mark Bittman of the “New York Times” shares his own recipe, which is simple and delectable.

  8. Vegetarians aren’t left out by the “Today Show” recipes list. This vegetarian lasagna is economical, fast and healthy. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, go meatless once in a while just to enjoy this.

  9. Meatballs aren’t the only protein topping for spaghetti. Chef Laurence Edelman of   New York’s Mermaid Inn shares a fantastic recipe with Today Show viewers. Instead of paying $18 a plate yourself, make this at home and save while you savor.

  10. Serve the kids cupcakes for dinner without getting into trouble. Turkey meatloaf cupcakes with sweet potato frosting are the creation of “Today Show” nutritionist Joy Bauer. Try this for a family movie night, followed by “banana ice cream” for a healthy treat.