before i wake
Thomas Jane And Kate Bosworth Adopt A Creepy Kid In ‘Before I Wake’ Trailer
Monday, March 16 by

Don’t these kids come with a Not Haunted guarantee?

Wanna See Billy Bob Thornton Fight A ‘Grizzly’ Bear?
Thursday, January 15 by

Yeah, you do.

He used to have such promise
Mel Gibson Getting Involved In A Gang
Wednesday, May 18 by

It might be time for an intervention.

Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland Forgets ’24’ For A Minute To Star In ‘Slight Of Hand’
Tuesday, May 10 by

Sutherland will star in ‘Slight of Hand’, about a gang of bush-league criminals in Paris who get ahold of a rare gold coin. Don’t put that in the Coke machine– damn it, too late.

homeless dad
He’s Tom Jane, He’s Starring Opposite Sylvester Stallone
Monday, April 18 by

He just wants his kids back!

Sundance Review: I Melt With You
Tuesday, January 25 by

Exactly the kind of indie movie I was worried about seeing at Sundance. 46 people walked out during the press and industry screening.

Thomas Jane Invites Himself To Join Cast Of ‘The Walking Dead’
Thursday, September 2 by

Move it along. Nothing to see here.
With a second season already confirmed before the first has even aired, AMC's "The Walking Dead" is shaping up to be a monster hit. Thomas Jane agrees with that point, and is eager to get the chance to hang around with BFF Frank Darabont and his stiff, rotting corpses. When the series was first announced, I'd thought Jane in the lead would be a no-brainer, if he could work his schedule out. Turns out, that was the plan back when the series was expected to go to HBO. When it ended up going to AMC, his inclusion fell through. Now, he may get the chance to bash in some zombie skulls afterall.
"That show is going to be a a big f*cking hit. I've seen it and is fan-f*cking-tastic. I'm going to come on and do a guest thing. Maybe play a bad guy. I'm not going to be a zombie. That's too much make up."
Jane is polarizing for a lot of people, but I think he'd be a great addition to the cast. As long as he's not expected to do any crying scenes. (NBC Washington)

‘I Melt With You’ Sounds Interesting Now Thanks to Sasha Grey
Thursday, July 29 by

We haven't really been covering Mark Pellington's indie drama I Melt With You because it didn't have any porn stars attached. Suddenly, the project sounds a lot more interesting with the addition of Sasha Grey. The porn star has enjoyed a career reinvention recently and is building up an impressive resume by picking up roles that don't require her to spit on her hand.
I Melt With You stars non-porn actors Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, and Rob Lowe as friends who feel empty inside and decide to resurrect a pact from their college days. Grey will play "a free spirit who helps one of the men realize that nirvana can only be achieved by death." And deep-throating. Tons and tons of deep-throating. (THR)

OMFG Ashley Greene and Thomas Jane Join ‘LOL’
Wednesday, June 30 by

The unfairly hot Ashley Greene and The Punisher Thomas Jane are in talks to join the Miley Cyrus film 'LOL'. Yes, we've come to the point where movies are being named after text message abbreviations. According to THR, "the story centers on a teenage girl (Cyrus) who is dumped by her more sexually experienced boyfriend while her divorcee mother (Demi Moore) struggles to move on with her life." Greene will play a high school bad girl, and Jane will be Cyrus' father. One problem. The movie stars Miley Cyrus, which means Disney will have a double padlock chastity belt secured on it. So Ashley Greene is playing a bad girl, but we won't get to see her do anything really bad. Such as seducing Demi Moore into some surprisingly graphic girl-on-girl action. …And now I apply the stand-by ice pack.

HBO’s ‘Hung’ Trailer
Monday, June 8 by

EMBED-HUNG Trailer – Watch more free videos If you've been wondering what Alexander Payne has been doing since Sideways look no further.  He directed the pilot for this HBO comedy about a down on his luck high school PE teacher (Thomas Jane) who decides to take advantage of his biggest asset by becoming a male escort.  And if you can't figure out what that asset is by the title of the show then you're in for quite a surprise.   HUNG premieres on HBO Sunday June 28th at 10PM. 

Monday, June 8 by
Monday, June 8 by

Once a star high school athlete, Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) finds himself at the end of the line as an underpaid PE coach whose wife and kids have left him.  After taking a local self-help class, he teams with an old flame to help market his biggest asset with hopes of fortune and luck as a male escort.Cast: Thomas Jane, Anne Heche, Jane Adams Network: HBO Airs: Sunday, June 28, 10 PM

Wednesday, May 6 by

Give em Hell Malone Cannes Trailer – Watch more Funny VideosCheck out the Cannes trailer for Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames in Give 'em Hell, Malone, a Dashiell Hammet-inspired detective flick directed by Russell Mulcahey, who also helmed The Scorpion King 2, Resident Evil: Extinction and AC/DC: Family Jewels. The shameless title of this post is in reference to a character's line at about 1:54 in the clip, a line that has already solidified its place on a tee-shirt and bumper sticker somewhere, I'm sure. Frightening Star Trek Fans (Manofest) Lucy Pinder poses nude with Wolverine claws.  (FilmDrunk) Supreme Court Nominee Effects Sports Law (MoonDogSports) Jenna Lee Fox Business Network Interview (WallStreetFighter) Frank The Tank Joins 'Neighborhood Watch' (Pajiba) Misty Dawns Spank Bank (GorillaMask) Awesome Star Wars Wedding (IAmBored) 10 Popular Porn Scenarios (Cracked) Transformers 2 News (filmofilia) Clash Of The Titans Set Pics (DreadCentral) Office Etiquette Instruction (HolyTaco) Kentucky Derby Bikini (BustedCoverage) Snow Monkeys Are Too Human Like (Uncoached) Ryan Reynolds Is DeadPool (Unreality) What To Do If You Notice You're On Fire (TomOatmeal) Doctor Parnassus Screens In L.A. (ThePlaylist) Dude Fails At Carnival Hammer (NothingToxic)

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