‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Actress Teresa Palmer
Tuesday, July 13 by

The blonde Aussie Teresa Palmer is Disney's sexy gift with performances in Bedtime Stories and now this week's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Topher Grace has been lucky enough to truly enjoy her down under charm, and if that turns you off you must seriously hate Topher Grace.A word from Teresa: "I was earning like $100 a week a year ago, so this is money I never expected to earn! But I am trying not to listen to the hype or listen to my own media because you can't go through it like that."How fruggle of her. I agree though. One Bentley is enough when first starting out in the game. Spend the rest on blow. More pics of hot Aussie Teresa after the jump.

Nicolas Cage Tripped On Shrooms with His Cat
Tuesday, July 13 by

Nicolas Cage was a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" last night to promote The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and wouldn't you know it, he told a drug story. Back in the day, Cage kept psychedelic mushrooms in his fridge like we keep milk and deli meats. His cat loved the shrooms and would frequently indulge, so Cage often tripped the light fantastic with it. There's more to the story, but I don't want to harsh your mellow. Check the clip out yourself. (TVSquad)

‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Actress Monica Bellucci
Monday, July 12 by

Monica Bellucci has been the gorgous Italian babe to haunt many of mens' dreams ever since sucking Keanu Reeves's blood in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Catch her in the upcoming Disney flick The Sorcerer's Apprentice playing a sexy sorceress that will move the next generation of young men to puberty.A word from Monica: "My body is so important to me… I use everything I have."Your body is so important to us too. We'd like to run a diagnostic test if possible.  More examples of why I love Italy so darn much after the jump.

Jay Baruchel and Nicolas Cage Play Pitcher-Catcher In New ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Trailer
Wednesday, June 9 by

The Nicolas Cage/Jay Baruchel goofy hair tour de force The Sorcerer's Apprentice released a new trailer during the NBA Finals. This time we get a better look at the thrilling action and bizarre enemies as Jay Baruchel cowers and trembles with Urkel-like aplomb. All in all, the effects look cool and the magic looks ridiculous. Still looks more believable than Jay Baruchel scoring with Alice Eve though.CHECK OUT THE NEW TRAILER AFTER THE JUMP…

‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Teaser Poster Could Be Many Things
Thursday, April 15 by

The new teaser poster for The Sorcerer's Apprentice could be many things.It could be an image captured by an intrepid papparazzo who snuck up to a window at Nicolas Cage's house, only to find the star glaring back out at him.Two years after completing work on Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call, New Orleans, Nicolas Cage can't put down the pipe.He's borrowing jewelry from his son now.This is early concept art for his team-up with Bone Thugs n Harmony.Nicolas Cage will appear in any movie. All you have to do is ask.(via ComingSoon)

International ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Trailer Tries to Convince Us Magic is Cool
Friday, March 26 by

Jerry Bruckheimer would like you to know that Nicolas Cage is not some gay-bay sorcerer like you're used to seeing. No way. This sorcerer drives a sports car (and is probably going through a sorcerer's mid-life crisis). A new international trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice was conjured up today. (*submits resume to Variety*) In this version, we see the same framework of the first with Nicolas Cage in a dopey hat abducting Jay Baruchel from his life as a physics nerd to induct him into the life of a magic nerd. The largest difference is more footage of the excellent Alfred Molina as the villian "Maxim," a nefarious sorcerer who hangs out in dudes' bathrooms but then gets hidden hastily when girls are over. Sadly you'll have to wait until July 16th to see Cage go full-wizard. Witness the magic of computer effects after the jump…

‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Trailer
Wednesday, December 9 by

Nicolas Cage loooooooves fake hair. We recently posted The Season of the Witch trailer, in which Cage dons flowing locks of stringy fibers, and it appears he continues the trend in the new trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice. There's CG magic abound in the Disney film, and Jay Barachul in disbelief of most of it. I have to say though, the dragon stuff is pretty cool. I mean, it's no Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, because that "film" was clearly Rob Cohen jerkin' it in front of a mirror, so maybe Apprentice can give CG dragons the recognition they deserve.

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