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15 Creepy Movie Kids We’d Pay To See Fight
Tuesday, October 25 by


Haley Joel Osment Wants to ‘Lay It Forward’ (a.k.a. ‘The Sex Sense’)
Tuesday, July 13 by

Mom, it happened again.Haley Joel Osment is back from his third tour in Afghanistan (I assume that's where he's been for the past three years), and he's just signed on to a project that doesn't sound too awful.In Sex Ed, Osment will play a recent college graduate hired to teach algebra. But through a series of wacky misadventures (crippling budget cuts), Osment's character ends up teaching a sex ed class. The only catch is that he's a virgin. Those who can't do, teach.The film was written by Billy Kennedy and will be directed by Isaac Feder. It will be viewed by me and maybe Haley Joel Osment's mom, if she's not out spending that Sixth Sense money. (Empire Online)

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