10 Best War Films On DVD
Sunday, March 6 by Honora James

The 10 best war films on DVD are cinematic historical records, where writers, directors, and actors take the viewing audience into the war theater.  The only truer wartime source depicting…

10 Best War Movies
Monday, February 7 by Tom Gordon

Assembling a list of the 10 best war movies means some amazing films are going to be left off. But this collection includes several from World War II and Vietnam,…

Paramount Assigns Jeremy Renner a ‘Mission: Impossible’
Thursday, August 26 by

(Above) Jeremy Renner's First Solo Album: Can I Borrow a Feeling
The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner will co-star with Tom Cruise in the fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, Deadline is reporting. Yesterday it was rumored that Paramount was in search of a younger actor to join the film with the hope that he could take over the staring role once Cruise steps aside. But the studio ultimately decided on the 41-year-old Renner, who they felt had a "Daniel Craig quality."

While Renner is a great actor, I really don't understand the logic behind bringing him in. After Knight and Day bombed, it was reported that Paramount wanted a star to help compensate for Cruise's waning box-office appeal. Is Renner the man for that job? If you really want this thing to be a hit, you need to cast Taylor Lautner or maybe The Situation. That's how you get asses in the seats, damn it.

2010 Academy Awards Winners
Monday, March 8 by

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards have come and gone with no real big upsets. Here's a quick recap but you can also check out our live blog for a play-by-play of the night.The Hurt Locker took home Best Picture as well as snagging the Best Director prize for Kathryn Bigelow. Not to mention Best Original Screenplay for Mark Boal.Jeff Bridges finally won the Best Actor prize that has been waiting for him for his portrayal of Bad Blake in Crazy Heart.Sandra Bullock was surprised to see she edged out Meryl Streep to win Best Actress for The Blind Side.The supporting categories went to Cristoph Waltz and Mo'Nique.Though James Cameron was beat by a girl, Avatar won three prizes – Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects.A round of congratulations are in order for all of the winners as well as the nominees who went home empty-handed. It's a thrill just to be considered and I think we all can agree that the real loser of the night was Ben Stiller.CHECK OUT THE FULL LIST OF WINNERS AFTER THE JUMP…

Road to Oscar: Cameron vs. Bigelow
Tuesday, February 2 by

BEST DIRECTOR SHOWDOWN This year’s Oscar nominations have been announced, which means it’s time to take the frontrunners from each category and throw them into the Thunderdome where they’ll wage…

Wednesday, July 8 by

Seems we have a hankerin' for purée de ballsack today, because this 8-minute clip from The Hurt Locker popped up on Hulu not too long ago and we couldn't resist posting it.  If you haven't read our review of the film – currently in limited release – AND you enjoy verbal fellation, bone up here. The above opening scene sets the anything-goes tone but doesn't quite do the theatrical experience justice.  Word to the wise, should you decide to see The Hurt Locker at the cinema, you'll need to make sure your underpants have their own pocket organizer so they can pencil in a reminder about their inevitable meeting with a Mr. Poop Fromyourbutt.  He took several meetings with various pairs of undergarments in my screening.

Thursday, June 11 by

THE HURT LOCKER – The Way You Dont Die Clip – Watch more Movie TrailersIn the latest released clip from Summit's upcoming war flick about the military's bomb squad in the Middle East, Colonel Reed (David Morse) gets Staff Sgt. Wiliam James (Jeremy Renner) to open up about just how many bombs he's blown up working for the EOD.  I've seen the film and when put in the full context of the story, even this little dialogue piece is tense.  I kept thinking Renner's character was gonna get the sh*t chewed out of him by Morse for being a loose cannon.  Turns out Morse's character's a bit of a wildman himself, I guess. We also have eight new still images , which you can see after the jump! In the meantime, enjoy today's top links:Theresa Correa               If Book Titles Were Truth      Megan Fox is CGI           50 White Gangstas       Remote Control Titanic!   Devito is DRUNK!  AGAIN!          What Apocalypse?!         David Lynch iPod Spot       UFC Invades Germany           Polarizing Movies   11 Moments in Dad Pop Culture    Lingerie League          Kickass FBB Portraits   Movies that Make Men Cry   Good NCAA B-Ball Joke          

Friday, June 5 by

Today, Summit released two new clips and six new stills from the upcoming Kathryn Bigelow-directed war movie, The Hurt Locker, opening June 26th.  The first clip, entitled "Die Comfortably," features loose-cannon Staff Sgt. William James (the badass Jeremy Renner) resigning himself to the fact that if the bomb he's diffusing goes off, his armor isn't doing squat to save his life.  The other clip, which you can watch after the jump, is called "Cell Phone, Two O'clock," and gives a tiny clip of the film's tension quotient, as St. Matt Thompson (Guy Pearce) – bedecked in full blast suit and all – is compromised by an insurgent with a cell phone-cum-detonator.  And the guy's got Thompson's number… on speed dial…  Check out the clip after the jump.                      We'll have a review for anxiety-inducing The Hurt Locker coming soon, but suffice it to say my sphincter was clenched the entire movie so as to avoid dropping a deuce in the pristine Wilshire Screening Room.  And I want to be invited back there.

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