"The Hills" cast consists of the star from another MTV reality series, "Laguna Beach," and several girls who were her friends. As the original cast members left the show, they were replaced by others, some of whom were also former reality TV stars. "The Hills" cast may have bee unknown when they started the show but they went on to become famous, or in the case of some, infamous.

  1. Lauren Conrad. Lauren Conrad was on the previous MTV series "Laguna Beach." After she transferred to the LA Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for college, MTV launched "The Hills," featuring Conrad and several of her classmates and friends. Conrad remained on "The Hills" for five seasons and served as the show's narrator. Since then, she has had success as designer and style advisor.

  2. Whitney Port. Port was one of Conrad's friends on "The Hills." She was a cast member for four seasons, before moving to New York and getting her own show, "The City."

  3. Heidi Montag. Montag was originally a friend of Conrad's, but as "The Hills" went on, they became enemies. She married Spencer Pratt, who also appeared on the show. Although she is billed for all six seasons, she stopped appearing on the show midway through the sixth and final season. Her antics off-screen, including multiple plastic surgeries and an unpleasant interview with Al Roker, have landed her plenty of tabloid coverage.

  4. Audrina Partridge. Partridge started life on "The Hills" as a friend of Heidi's, then became Lauren's friend. She appeared in almost every episode of the series from season 1 to 6. After "The Hills," she modeled for BONGO and had her own reality show on Vh-1.

  5. Kristin Cavallari. Cavallari  joined the cast of "The Hills" after Lauren Conrad made her departure. She took over the role of narrator of the show in seasons 5 and 6. Cavallari also appeared on "Laguna Beach," where she and Conrad were known rivals.

  6. Brody Jenner. Proof that all reality shows are connected, Brody Jenner is the stepson of Kris Jenner, the Kardashian girls' mom. Jenner appeared on the show for four seasons, then went on to get his own show "Bromance."

  7. Spencer Pratt. Heidi's boyfriend, then fiance, then husband, Spencer Pratt may be the most disliked cast member on "The Hills." He appeared on the show for four seasons, and like Heidi, disappeared midway through the final season.

- Amy Freeman