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Bryan Singer is in talks to bring a big screen version of Battlestar Galactica to theaters. Originally he was set to develop the television series reboot in 2001 but was c-blocked by the Taliban. The gig later went to Ron Moore and the rest is history. No word yet on the creative direction of the feature but let's hope it wraps up a little tighter than the new series did. I find it kind of odd that Universal is already rebooting a franchise that practically just completed its successful run. If this is the new norm, can we get a do-over on Transformers 2? (Hit Fix)Check out these morning links before they get remade…The Goods character posters are good. (Cinematical)Poltergeist remake actually coming to theaters. (/Film)New Dexter promo artwork. (Dread Central)Check out a clip of Timothy Olyphant in Lawman. (Cinema Blend)Facebook gets Ed Helms in over his head. (Latino Review)

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Another hot actress from The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard?  Crap, I already used a "she's got 'the goods'" joke yesterday with Jordana Spiro. Gotta think of another title-pertinent description for Noureen Dewulf… Oh, I got it: Noureen Dewulf is no "hard sell."  Goodness, that's brilliant.  The young actress first started gaining attention in the Oscar-winning short film West Bank Story.  Since then, she's had a steady stream of work that includes both film and TV, including The Ghosts Of Girlfriend's Past, Oceans 13, and "Chuck."  Did I mention she's gotten all these jobs in about a two-year span?  At this rate, expect Noureen to be huge in another two.A word from Noureen: "I think the most important thing women look for in men is a level of comfort in your life, if you're nerdy, be nerdy, if you're cool and super talkative, be that. I'm attracted to people who are comfortable with themselves and are proud to be that way."Maybe I shouldn't have written out that inner monologue about me struggling for a joke; that wasn't confident at all.  I blew what little chances I had with her already.  Oh well, check out more hot photos of Noureen after the jump! 

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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Red Band Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers Check out the trailer for The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard starring Jeremy Piven.  It's all about a car salesman, is being produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferell's Gary Sanchez, and seems a lot like the tone of the August Blowout car salesmen script that McKay and Ferrell scripted some years ago.  Hell, it might be based on that script.  I don't know.  I don't care.  I'm too busy laughing tonight for research. Top Links of the Day:      Meet Carin Ashley        24-35 Year Old's Facebook       'Accidents Happen' Trailer               Legos Caught Fornicating          Tennis Ball Gadgets          New Scream Trilogy?              6 Sex Myths (That Are True)       Drunken Monkeys           Learn To Fight MMA Style              Cameron, Fincher Join 'Metal'     Bill O'Reilly Is Wrong      Phil Ivey Makes $12 Million                A Gallery of Pee Stains          Old School Beer Ads            The New iPhone Tidbits               Heisman Frontrunners           Front Flip Gone Wrong          Metal Gear Spoof               Javier Bardem Does Chick Flick?  

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