Denzel Washington’s Ten Greatest Movie Performances
Tuesday, September 30 by

Denzel Washington is one of the greatest actors of all time. He done so much worth watching, but these are his 10 best roles.

Denzel Washington And Nicolas Winding Refn Now Going To Do ‘The Equalizer’
Friday, December 7 by

This makes more sense.

Paul Haggis In Talks For ‘Equalizer’
Tuesday, September 28 by

The proper balance is ever so delicate.
It seems like Russell Crowe doesn't care what movies he does at this point in his career, and he's taking Paul Haggis down with him. After helping Crowe hit his marks on The Next Three Days, the writer/director is in negotiations to script and possibly direct the big screen adaptation of The Equalizer that Crowe is doing for some reason.
I can understand an actor or a writer's desire to do lighter fair, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. But look before you leap. Anthony Hopkins didn't, and he ended up playing a chimp. (THR)

Russell Crowe Jumps On 80’s Reboot Bandwagon With ‘The Equalizer’
Wednesday, June 16 by

Hopefully this chair was burned after the shoot. Russell Crowe is sorry and trying to atone for his violent, dangerous past by putting his skills to use helping those who need protection and/or the use of a phone. Not in real life though. Never in real life. Despite The A-Team's belly-flop onto hard concrete this past weekend, Crowe has been attached to a remake of the vengeance-for-hire series "The Equalizer." Crowe will play Robert McCall (originated by Edward Woodward), a former secret agent determined to help those in need via a newspaper ad. I imagine this will be modernized to a Craigslist ad. Because those in need certainly always have a $2,000 laptop and a costly Verizon FiOS connection. (LA Times)

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