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It looks like The Details dares to go places that The Great Outdoors, Furry Vengeance, and Dr. Doolittle 2 were not brazen enough to journey. Whereas those films were content to merely tell the stories of grown men dealing with pesky raccoons, The Details takes it a step further and throws in infidelity and murder. Definitely seems to raise the bar and subvert the Man v. Raccoon genre.

The ball’s in your court now, Kevin James.

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Dennis Haysbert Thought The ’24′ Finale Was Just Okay Tue, 08 Feb 2011 20:50:50 +0000 Fred Topel President Palmer talks his Sundance film, The Details, and 24 without his leadership.

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By day six, the Sundance fatigue was setting in for everyone. I was staying up ‘til 4 writing reviews and news, getting up at 7 for 8AM screenings. Talent was talking to press from 7AM, and it was 3 in the afternoon before Dennis Haysbert got to me. The presidential voice was still noticeable, but registered a few decibels lower.

Haybert’s Sundance film was The Details, a comedy starring Tobey Maguire. He plays Maguire’s basketball buddy, a hard up working man who creates more comedic problems for Dr. Lang (Maguire) when Lang tries to give him break. The voice of Allstate and David Palmer talked comedy and his thoughts on the last season of “24.”

Q: Was it nice to play a character that wasn’t an authority figure?

DH: Yeah, you know, it took some getting used to. I liked that. I love to stretch.

Q: Do you start getting offered the same things and get sick of it?

DH: No, never get sick of it. Not at all. I love the parts I get to play but I also love stretching once in a while. No other place can you do that better than in an independent film.

Q: Does it work better for comedy when you can play it straight with your gravitas?

DH: Sure. It’s only as good as the scripts that you get.

Q: How did you come up with the bald bearded look?

DH: It was pretty much how it was written. Bad teeth, I tried very hard to hide because I figured anybody would if they had bad teeth and couldn’t afford to have them fixed. I’d be a little self-conscious about that. The beard, those are all choices.

Q: Was it a difficult makeup process?

DH: Not the teeth so much but I had a scar on my arm which I talked about in that one basketball scene with Tobey when we were the only ones in the gym, that we cut out. He finished the story as he was telling Elizabeth [Banks] when they were at home, but I think you got one glimpse of the scar in the kitchen after the dinner I prepare for he and his wife.

Q: How would you describe the tone of The Details?

DH: It’s quirky. Kind of nutty yet also real because it’s life.

Q: How does this Sundance compare to other times you’ve been here?

DH: This one is the truly artistic and a celebration of the small film for the most part. I think it had to expand and bring in these new kind of bigger independent movies in order to get people in, get the sponsors and bring in the A-listers. So I think it all helps. It all helps.

Q: Have you gotten to see any films?

DH: Not this trip. I came in yesterday, went to the premiere, I’m doing press today, might see something tonight.

Q: Did you keep up with “24” after you left?

DH: Yeah.

Q: What did you think of the finale?

DH: You know, it was okay. It is what it is. I’m not going to disparag 24. It just added too much to my life and career. I’ll always love those guys, the crew and all the actors that they got to play afterwards. Each season was a tribute to the season before and the season before that, so I couldn’t sit here in good conscience and disparage it.

Q: They had to leave it open for a movie.

DH: Well, it doesn’t really matter because once you do a movie you can start anywhere you want to. You can go back to your strongest season and pull out pieces of your strongest stories and somehow put them together. I don’t know, eight years, I do think that they started repeating certain shows. I mean, how many atomic bombs can go off without the whole country being decimated.

Q: When did the voice become such a strong asset to you?

DH: It’s always been a strong asset. It’s just when people decided to use it and have it become a national kind of voice.

Q: Was it around the time of “24?”

DH: I’ve always done voiceovers. Everything helps everything else. If you have a great role on television, people start to think about the voice and companies start thinking about using your voice to sell certain products. It all depends on how popular you get. Okay, now, oh, that voice, let’s use that voice as opposed to that voice. A lot of guys, a lot of actors out there are using their voices. Most of the time you just don’t see them.

Q: Actors can be self-critical. When did you start feeling you were getting good?

DH: Day one. [Laughs] I think work begets work. It depends on the degree you go in each performance. I like to think that I grew after each performance and I’m continuing to grow.

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Sundance Review: The Details Fri, 28 Jan 2011 01:22:41 +0000 Fred Topel Refreshingly, it's not a comedy about big, broad set pieces. The humor is, appropriately, just in the details.

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Refreshingly, The Details is not a comedy about big, broad set pieces. The humor is, appropriately, just in the details. Sure, there are a few crazy things but it’s not like a whole Ben Stiller toilet fueled rampage.

Dr. Jeff Lang (Tobey Maguire) has frequent fights with his wife Nealy (Elizabeth Banks), so he gets off to online sex ads where the ladies show their boobies. He never indulges, just watches. His neighbor Lilith (Laura Linney) is very demanding, complaining about dust floating into her house from his yard. Jeff tries to plant a new lawn but raccoons keep tearing it apart.

Maybe the raccoons and the sex ads seem big, but they’re really just little things that happen in a daily life. Jeff battles the raccoons but not in a Caddyshack kind of way. He uses poisons and traps, and you know Lilith’s pet is going to get into that. There are some just plain weird scenes, like a piano falling on someone and a bow and arrow murder, but those are more shocking because they come in an otherwise normal world.

Writer/director Jacob Aaron Estes finds ways to play the comedy of domestic issues without making them ridiculous. We see Jeff and Nealy slobbering at the mouth as they fight, but he takes the sound out so it just looks funny. When Jeff’s really unhappy, he types “hell” into his GPS.

Jeff ends up committing adultery, but he’s mostly trying to help people. He wants to make up to Lilith for hurting her cat, and ends up having crazy sex with her. He has crazy sex with Nealy too and you see Banks’ butt! He tries to get his basketball buddy Lincoln (Dennis Haysbert) a new job but every good deed escalates his trouble.

Ultimately, Jeff’s confession of all his bad deeds is pretty hilarious too. Hearing it all at once, in the order in which he tells it, has good timing and delivery. Maguire shouldn’t have been hiding his funny side all these years. He’s really entertaining slobbering over porn and screaming his frustrations out at Nealy.

The Details is more of the type of comedy I expected to see in Sundance. There’s probably nothing to put in a trailer for a studio ad campaign. It’s just the overall town of likeable comedy, where comedies like Cedar Rapids and My Idiot Brother, for better or worse, are made up of trailer moments.

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