Someone Finally Agrees To Play ‘The Crow’
Monday, May 6 by

Luke Evans is the new face of vengeance.

Now Alexander Skarsgard Could Be ‘The Crow’
Tuesday, April 30 by

Unless he isn’t.

Now They’re Talking About James McAvoy Being ‘The Crow’
Tuesday, February 26 by

He reads a little too Coldplay to be ‘The Crow’.

So Now Bradley Cooper Isn’t Playing ‘The Crow’
Tuesday, August 16 by

Quick! Get the second-most improbable actor’s agent on the phone.

‘Watchmen’ Scribe To Copy+Paste ‘The Crow’ Into Screenplay Form
Wednesday, June 22 by

At least Bradley Cooper won’t SOUND silly in the role.

Weinstein Lawsuit Might Kill ‘The Crow’ Reboot (Thank God)
Wednesday, April 20 by

Eric Draven can come back from the dead, but when he’s killed with a lawsuit, he becomes perma-dead.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Reboots ‘The Crow’ For Goths And Juggalos
Thursday, April 7 by

‘The Crow’ is back from the dead and ready to paint its face… to freak you out.

Mark Walhberg Won’t Spread His ‘Crow’ Wings
Tuesday, November 23 by

Remember when we told you Mark Wahlberg might star in the The Crow reboot? Well that isn’t happening now. Aww don’t cry, Emo Kid. Your makeup will run.

‘Crow’ Rises Again For Reboot
Wednesday, June 2 by

A series reboot of The Crow is said to be moving forward very aggressively. Not as aggressively as the high school bullies who will pummel the students the film inspires to wear pancake makeup, but aggressively nonetheless. Producer Edward Pressman was talking up the project, saying the script is terrific and they've got an offer out to a major actor. If all goes well, the reboot could be done this year.Director Stephen Norrington (Blade, League Of Extraordinary Gentleman) has switched up the visual look from its predecessor and made the Crow itself more of a character in this version. "It's got a personality and a character," says Pressman. I don't know about you but I'm really hoping it wears a backwards ball-cap, sunglasses, rides a skateboard, and speaks in rhyme. You snicker at that suggestion now, but you wait and see. Just you wait. (MTV)

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