Barefoot Bandit Is Going To Make More Money Than You
Thursday, August 11 by

Perhaps he can now afford shoes.

David Gordon Green’s ‘Barefoot Bandit’ Now Has A Third Act
Monday, July 12 by

When David Gordon Green picked up the rights to Taking Flight: The Hunt For A Young Outlaw, it was uncertain how the story would end. As of today, we have that resolution. After a three year manhunt, Colton Harris-Moore was finally captured by police in the Bahamas after stealing a plane, crashing it, leading authorites on a high-speed boat chase, before engaging them in a shoot out. How metal is this kid? I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow escaped by switching faces with a federal agent.No word yet on who will play Harris-Moore aka The Barefoot Bandit aka The Shoeless Asshole in Green's adaptation, but we'll keep you posted when Danny McBride, Adam Scott, Aziz Ansari, James Franco, Will Ferrell, and Nicolas Cage inevitably join the cast. (AFP)

David Gordon Green to Make Biopic About ‘The Barefoot Bandit’
Wednesday, April 14 by

You may or may not know the story of Colton Harris-Moore, the teenaged burglar who has remained at large for the last two years, having stolen (and crashed) several vehicles, boats, and aircrafts in that time. He was once witnessed fleeing a burgled home in western Washington State with no shoes, leading to the nickname "the Barefoot Bandit." He's also known as "the Teen Houdini," "the Boy Who Could Fly," and "the Shoeless Asshole." (That last one was coined by me.)Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw is a book proposal about Harris-Moore's insane legend to which David Gordon Green and his Rough House Pictures brosefs Danny McBride and Jody Hill now own the film rights. And understandably so. Pooping outdoors. Eating garbage. Stealing pies from window sills. Constantly on the run from Ranger Smith. This kid is living the life!! (Variety)

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