Any screen junkie that wants to broaden his film viewing horizons should check out some of the great Tanzania movies. While watching movies based and made in the great US of A is wonderful, there are some great movies made internationally. Everyone knows of the budding movie business out in Bollywood, but what few people realize is there are some great moves made in or by the country of Tanzania.

"Hatari" This is quite possibly the most well-known of the Tanzania movies. This movie stars none other than the Duke himself, John Wayne. While the main star is one of America's most famous movie actors, its the amazing portrayal of the setting that makes this one of the best Tanzania movies.

"Bongoland" This is one of the Tanzania movies that had a sequel. Its sequel, "Bongoland 2," was also one of the great Tanzania movies. Both of these Tanzania movies had a Tanzanian director. While the movie was predominately in Swahili, the movie has English subtitles as well. One of the great things about these Tanzania movies is how it shows the United States realistically, how its worth having your national pride and how Tanzania is worth living in.

"Darwin's Nightmare" This one of the Tanzania movies goes in the completely opposite direction of "Bongoland's" theme. This movie is one of the Tanzania movies that is a documentary. It was filmed in 2004 and 2006 became one of the only Tanzania movies to be nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature at the 78th Academy Awards. The documentary centers around the environmental and social effects of the fishing industry. This was one of the Tanzania movies that the Tanzanian government tried to shut down because it shows the government in a negative light, but the movie is more about all the negative things that become apparent worldwide.