10 Best Anime Sword Fights
Wednesday, August 17 by sameerah blue
10 Best Japanese Ninja Movies
Friday, March 11 by sameerah blue

Get your sword and prepare to fight with the ten best Japanese ninja movies. Plot wise, the movies that made the list of the ten best Japanese ninja movies can…

10 Best Sword Fight Scenes
Wednesday, February 2 by Sheldon Reid

There are no guns allowed in these 10 best sword fight scenes. These scenes only feature swashbuckling action and the occasion insult. With movie magic, sword fights can break out…

5 Best Anime Sword Fights In Movies
Sunday, January 23 by Spyder Collins

Trimming down to the 5 best anime sword fights in movies was somewhat of a chore. Though anime is mostly episode-based, there are many movies that show off the swordplay…

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