Ben Stiller To Invent Chippendales
Tuesday, April 1 by

Your aunt thanks him.

Lose the shirt, sweetheart.
The 6 Best Stripper Portrayals In All Of Modern Cinema
Thursday, June 7 by

How can only one of them be topless? What kind of god would allow this?

“Go-Go” Power Rangers
Thursday, September 1 by

Power Rangers Party Down…

21 Sexy Cinematic Strippers
Thursday, June 16 by

If there’s one thing we love more than movies, it’s strippers.

Tony Scott Snaps on the Chippendales Bowtie
Thursday, October 29 by

Who knew Tony Scott had it in him. According to Variety, Scott has taken a liking to Chippendales, the formal male strippers in bowties, cufflinks, and, a must for any fancy event, leather pants.With a tone similar to the Scott-directed "True Romance," pic will follow the improbable rise and fall of Chippendales creator Steve Banerjee, who went from pumping gas in Culver City to running a high-end nightclub that evolved into Chippendales. After hiring a New York choreographer to polish the all-male dance troupe, Banerjee became wildly rich, as well as unreasonably competitive and paranoid. Banerjee hired a hitman to murder the choreographer when negotiations went sour. After being arrested, Banerjee died in jail awaiting trial.Now that's a Cinderella story if I've ever heard one. Minus the contract killing and all-male dance troupe. In regard to casting, no actors are attached yet, but there's gotta be a part in there somewhere for Denzel Washington. I could show you a photoshopped picture now of Denzel's head on a Chippendale's body, but I'm not gonna 'cause you want it too much.

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