‘Finding Bliss’ Actress Stormy Daniels
Tuesday, June 1 by

Stormy Daniels, also known simply as Stormy, is a porn star, screenwriter, and director. She also appeared in the The 40-Year-Old Virgin as the object of Andy's fantasy after he viewed one of her films. She tried to run for a Senate seat in her hometown of Louisiana, but then soon realized there are pics everywhere of her getting banged.A word from Stormy: "I am ready today to declare that should I seek the office of U.S. Senator from the great state of Louisiana that I will do so as a Republican."The sexual prowess of the GOP just went up 100 fold.More pics of Stormy doing what she's best at after the jump.

Wednesday, May 6 by

There have been rumors floating around, but today, on CNN's "American Morning," anchored by Kiran Chetry, former porn star (and current adult film producer) Stormy Daniels was interviewed about her 'serious' potential candidacy for United States Senate.  If it happens, she would be running in Louisiana against Republican Senator David Vitter, whom you may remember as being involved with the "D.C. Madame" and her prostitution ring back in '07.  Embedded video from CNN Video Not sure what platform Daniels will run on, but if one does only a tiny bit of research (or opens the secret compartment in the air duct where one keeps one's pornography), it's easy to see that Daniels has had experience with several hot button issues of the day.  She's seen action in the Persian Gulf with… She's brushed up on Foreign Relations with… And she's closely examined our broken health care system in…  Seems like we're merely steps away from…

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