Monday, June 13 by

Part man, part machine, all bro.

He’s Got My Vote
Friday, June 10 by

Time for all New Yorkers to vote Republican.

Mark Of A Hero
Thursday, June 9 by

Batdog will save the day, right after a brisk game of catch.

Naughty Hogwarts Students
Wednesday, June 8 by

Someone’s gettin’ down in the broom closet.

A Few Goodmen
Tuesday, June 7 by

I’m having a hard time handling this truth.

Crystal Me Elmo
Monday, June 6 by

You can do more than tickle him for a bump.

Special Edition?
Friday, June 3 by

I don’t remember “X-Files” being so breezy.

Willis on Willis
Thursday, June 2 by

I’m in the mood for some hot Willis on Willis action.

Let ‘Er Rip: Leslie Nielsen’s Final Fart Joke
Thursday, June 2 by

Shirley you can’t be serious.

This Alien Is Also A Predator
Tuesday, May 31 by

I beleive the technical term is “predalien”. Or is it “pedalien”?

Hakuna Matata, Bitch
Monday, May 30 by

It means no worries for the rest of your days…which are numbered.

Chef Vader
Wednesday, May 25 by

Bon appetit!

Kenny Powers Cross Stitching
Tuesday, May 24 by

Grandma just loves “Eastbound and Down.”

Macho Man’s Funeral
Monday, May 23 by

Holk Hogan is barely holding it together.

Handsy Kung Fu Panda
Friday, May 20 by

Marcia Gay Harden deserves better.

Foamy Crusader
Thursday, May 19 by

I would have ordered my Batman latte stronger.

The Peter
Wednesday, May 18 by

He’s our distinguished family guy.

Where No Dog Has Gone Before
Tuesday, May 17 by

Captain’s log includes a need for treats.

Monday, May 16 by

As if they weren’t mutant-y enough.

He’s Not Furry Enough
Friday, May 13 by

That costume’s going to be abrasive when they get down to business.

Gene’s Alone Time
Thursday, May 12 by

Even rockstars need moments for pontification.

Hard Times For R2-D2
Wednesday, May 11 by

This isn’t the trash can you’re looking for.

Obi Wan Is Dead
Tuesday, May 10 by

Luke Skywalker is now enemy number 1.

Starbucks Drinking Starbucks
Monday, May 9 by

MInd blown.

Superhero Situation Room
Friday, May 6 by

Awfully passive superheros. Are they watching The Avengers take charge?

Bat Man Gogh
Thursday, May 5 by

Post-impressionist painters should have done more superhero-themed work.

Carbonite Buildings Are All The Rage
Wednesday, May 4 by

I know it’s fake, but it’s fun to imagine it’s not.

Adopt Me, Motherf*cker
Tuesday, May 3 by

Discipline him and see what happens.

Ferrell Hearts Reilly
Monday, May 2 by

I’m assuming it wasn’t for a movie.

Piss On The Dark Side
Friday, April 29 by

Show Lord Vader how you really feel.

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