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The interweb was aflurry all morning with rumors that GI Joe: Rise of Cobra director Stephen Sommers had been taken off the movie and locked out of the edit room.  The reason?  According to some, the film was testing the lowest a film from Paramount has ever tested.  And Paramount put out Britney Spears's Crossroads. Well, turns out rumoring is half the battle (G.I. JOOOOOE!!!), because reports – with 100% assurance, mind you – that the whole story is bullsh*t.  Read Movieline's investigative report here. I'm a fan of the original Mummy.  After that, I can't say I've been in love, infatuated, or even vaguely felt anything like an emotion toward Stephen Sommers's films.  In fact, I think I remember my therapist chastising me for "putting up a wall" when he asked me if he should go see Van Helsing opening weekend.  So it's not surprising that there were rumblings of Sommers being scrutinized for his approach to filming a beloved '80s property. 

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