In Honor Of ‘Star Wars 1313′: 7 Best ‘Star Wars’ Video Games
Wednesday, June 6 by

Will 1313 top all other Star Wars games?

Wednesday, June 3 by

We don't post a lot of game trailers on Screen Junkies, but this one for Bio Ware's new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO game is too pants-crapping good to pass up.  Marvel as some Sith badasses julienne some Jedi.  All you foodies/assassins out there know what I mean! We'd like to thank one of our faithful readers, the man known as "Library," who brought this to our attention, while also making noting that the game's featured R2 unit "looks so retro, it's almost steampunk."  Mr. Library, you are a junkie, and a scholar.  Thank you for finding time in between your daily hentai viewings to submit content.

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