The "Star Trek" cast made sci-fi TV popular in the 1960s. The original "Star Trek" cast became iconic, with most of the actors and actresses peaking in their careers at that point. "Star Trek" acquired a cult following of "Trekkies", and most in the cast have made appearances at "Trekkie" conventions.

  1. Captain Kirk: Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, is the captain to whom all subsequent "Star Trek" show captains would be compared. He reflected a strong, macho, good-guy image favored by Americans of the 1960s. Captain Kirk was smart, handsome, and trim, idealistic, and a wonderful ambassador of democratic ideals who went about the universe being right about all things. Somehow, Kirk could always figure out how to solve any problem thrown at him within a half hour. He could throw Styrofoam boulders at space monsters with the best of them. Whether dealing with attacking Romulans or too many fuzzy tribbles, Captain Kirk was the ultimate leader and man of action.

  2. Spock: Spock was the cool, tall, pointy-eared First Officer of the USS Enterprise. He was played by Leonard Nimoy. Spock came from the planet Vulcan. He denounced the fiery history of the men on his planet, and became devoid of emotion. A big part of the "Star Trek" plots was the contrast of the emotional Captain Kirk and the unemotional, logical Spock.

  3. Dr. McCoy: Dr. McCoy sported a southern accent and was always opinionated. He was the Chief Medical Officer, but he didn't seem to really do that much surgery or healing. Most of the time, McCoy was passionately arguing with Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock about what should be done to save lives, or whatever the major dilemma was. Dr. McCoy's nickname was "Bones." He was played by DeForest Kelley.

  4. Montgomery Scott: Scotty was this Scottish guy's nickname. He was the Chief Engineer and Second Officer, played by James Doohan.  Even though he went through much angst and exclamation about how fixing the ship was impossible, Scotty always managed to get the ship running again, and going fast enough.

  5. Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov: These three were always on the bridge of the ship, making it go. Like Scotty, these characters all came from various countries on Earth. Uhuru was from somewhere in Africa, Sulu was from Asia, and Chekov from Russia. Chekov being on the same crew as an American in the future was an interesting idea, since the original "Star Trek" was created during the Cold War. Uhuru was the beautiful, female,dark-skinned Communications Officer, played by Nichelle Nichols. Sulu was the Helmsman, played by George Takei. Chekov, the Navigator, was played by Walter Koenig.

-Joan Franze