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Monday, January 23 by

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‘Twilight’ Spoof Movie Gets Release Date. What Took So Long?
Monday, May 24 by

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have been strangely silent on the topic of Twilight. I'd have thought we'd see Kim Kardashian mumbling about how important her virginity is to her by now (between giggles of course), but oddly this has not happened. Wait a tick!It's just been announced that Untitled Vampire Spoof Movie has been given an August 18th release date. That's a pretty fast turnaround. Hopefully, the film will have the nuance we've come to expect from the makers of Disaster Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans. Or at the very least, Judah Friedlander taking his shirt off and morphing into a wolf that pees on people and things. (JoBlo)

Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg
Monday, December 28 by

It's one thing to work years creating a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize cinema as we know it, and it's another thing to work years figuring out how to ilegally record the aforementioned breakthrough. Bootlegging is an art, and bootlegging Avatar is a bootlegging artist's Mona Lisa. (via IWatchStuff)We give credit where credit is due with these links.25 Hottest Women of 2009 (HolyTaco) Top 10 Embarrassing Sports Moments of 2009 (TotalProSports) Millenium Falcon Bed Guarantees Zero Sex (TheChive) 100 Twitter Accounts for Guys (Maxim) James Cameron Tells Fan to F**k Off (FilmDrunk) 20 Amazing Cheese Sculptures (SuperTremendous) Most Painful Movie-Going Experiences of the Aughts (Pajiba) Pics of Olivia Wilde's Booty (CelebJihad) Really Creepy Real Children's Books (Unreality) Sexiest Magazine Covers of 2009 (Asylum) 35 Hot Girls Wearing Santa Hats (RegretfulMorning) 2009 Chickipedia Hot 100 (MadeMan) Top 10 NASCAR Women of 2009 (AllLeftTurns) Massive Soccer Hooligan Brawl (NothingToxic) Atom's Best of 2009 (Atom)

‘Paranormal Activity’ Spawns Porno Knock-Off
Tuesday, October 27 by

Paranormal Activity is an undoubted success. It cost $11,000 to make and has raked in over $62 million at the box office. I don't have a calculator on hand but when you do the math the profits equal a f*ckload. Of course a sequel is being talked about but more importantly the attention has warranted a pornographic knock-off. Or knockers-off, in this case:Dread Central has alerted us to Jim Wynorski's Para-Knocker's Activity. Yes, the Spielberg of Boob Cinema is taking on the ghost genre and giving it a kinky edge. Filming is slated to begin right after Halloween (presumably because Halloween props will be marked down). Look for it this Spring at the Cans Film Festival.

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