The Scariest Movies Like Alien
Thursday, November 22 by Tony Dayton

The movie "Alien" is one of the most popular horror/science-fiction films ever made as it features an alien monster that goes on a killing spree aboard a Galactic marine space…

They say I can't have you.
5 Bizarre Obsessive Movie Crushes
Friday, October 14 by

All women have needs.

‘Splice’ Actress Sarah Polley
Thursday, June 10 by

One of Canada's most acclaimed actresses, Sarah Polley is also an accomplished director and a free-thinking progressive who's not afraid to make her political thoughts known. But she doesn't get all like up in your face about it, ya know? She's cool enough to have starred in Go and the Dawn of the Dead remake. If you deliver kill shots to zombies, you're alright in my book.A word from Sarah: "It takes terrible things to live well."Does it ever. **Lights a $100 bill with a $50 bill to light a Cuban. Stamps it out in a baby sealskin coaster**More pics of concerned Sarah after the jump.

‘Splice’ Actress Delphine Chanéac
Wednesday, June 9 by

Delphine Chanéac is a French model and actress whose last American film appearance was in The Pink Panther remake as "The Ticket Checker." She landed a meatier role as Dren in Splice, but unfortunately she has a shaved, cleft head like the lunch lady we all used to make fun of in elementary school. A word from Delphine: "I had to wear blue socks over high heels, my hands became my feet and my tail was wrapped in blue."Worst. First. Date. EVER. More pics of Delphine without a tail after the jump.

Review: ‘Splice’
Friday, June 4 by

Splice is the latest mistake from the sci-fi horror genre, having no thrills or logic in its pseudo-hipster science.   A major disappointment comes from its talented cast of Adrien…

8 Disturbingly Sexual Movie Creatures
Tuesday, June 1 by

With the release of Splice this Friday and the introduction of the film’s monster Dren, played by model and actress Delphine Chanéac, we’re being treated to another marginally hot yet horribly wrong murderous beast for two hours of cleavage and mayhem. And while it’s awesome that the vampires and werewolves in Twilight all look like they should be trying to sell you sweater vests, most movie beasts have no business trying to stir up unwholesome feelings in you. And yet, despite how obvious it is that nothing that can eat you should give you a boner, filmmakers keep slipping dirty little things in there.Aliens

‘Splice’ Trailer is a Bold Re-Telling of ‘The Ugly Duckling’
Friday, April 2 by

She'll grow out of it. There's finally a trailer for Vincenzo Natali's eery sci-fi/horror Splice, that movie with Adrien Brody and the hot, bald chick with the mouth in her scalp (still kinda hot though). The movie impressed at Sundance and will see wide release on June 4th as a result. The film warns against the dangers of queefing in the face of God and law by creating your own monstrous human-animal hybrid. So seriously, guys. Don't do that kind of thing. Did Species teach you nothing? Check out the trailer after the jump.

Friday, April 2 by

Director: Vincenzo NataliCast: Adrian Brody, Sarah PolleySynopsis: Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism.Release Date: June 5, 2010

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