He's probably just upset because he's slathered in makeup.
Spike Jonze Interview With BBC Is More Awkward Than A Typical Spike Jonze Interview
Thursday, February 20 by

He’s about as charming and graceful here as his characters are.

What If Philip Seymour Hoffman Played The Siri In ‘Her’
Thursday, January 23 by

The man nails every role.

Joaquin Phoenix Falls In Love With A Sexy J.A.R.V.I.S. In Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ Trailer
Thursday, August 8 by

A Spike Jonze Love Story.

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Quotes To Find Yourself To
Wednesday, September 7 by Jason Cuthbert
Casting Round-Up: Joaquin Phoenix And Natasha Lyonne Get Back To Work
Wednesday, July 13 by

Also, Leatherface finds more pretty people to dismember.

American Independent Films
Monday, April 4 by Joshua Wade

These American independent films showcase impeccable writing, iconic cinematography and early performances by award winning actors like Robert De Niro, Jeff Bridges and Anna Paquin. Featuring debuts from acclaimed filmmakers…

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 2.45.24 PM
Beastie’s ‘Fight’ Features Every Actor With a SAG Card
Monday, January 17 by

The premise is unknown for Adam Yauch’s film short Fight For Your Right Revisited, but the casting news alone is enough to raise your eyebrows and drop your jaw.

Spike Jonze And Charlie Kaufman Are Getting The Band Back Together
Friday, December 17 by

Good news for Arcade Fire. Spike Jonze is re-teaming with Charlie Kaufman for a secret project.

Kanye West + Spike Jonze = Fairytale
Monday, October 19 by

Where the Wild Things Are arrived this past weekend, and it pretty much turned out to be a therapy session with a bunch of clinically depressed forty-somethings dressed like furries. So when we heard that "We Were Once a Fairytale," the Spike Jonze-directed film starring Kanye West, hit the Web today, it was the news equivalent of a Xanax. We have the 11-minute piece here, minus the first minute or so. Spoiler alert: it's effing weird.

Monday, May 11 by

Where The Wild Things Are Scare – Watch more Movie Trailers /Film posted this video of Spike Jonze scaring the ever loving crap out of a child while wearing a Where the Wild Things Are suit that's like the cheap department store Santa equivalent of the Wild Things from the film.  Still, I'd be scared if my Dad were running around the house wearing this.  Then again, I was scared sh*tless of Michael Jackson in "Thriller" when I was that age.  Maybe that was just good sense. Check this junk out: The 10 Coolest TV Characters Of All Time (Pajiba) Packers And Bengals On The Rebound (MoonDogSports) HumpDay Is All About Humping Chicks (FilmDrunk) London Harts Spank Bank (GorillaMask) The Tale of Ol' Stanky (Sick Pigs) 5 Bastardizations Of Wikipedia (Cracked) Call Of Duty Movie? (Filmofilia) Roger Avary Directs Silent Hill 2 (DreadCentral) Abstinence Rock Music (HolyTaco) Bert Blyleven Eats Worms (BustedCoverage) Real Girls Are Always The Hottest (Uncoached) Vicious Knockout Cagematch (NothingToxic) Bruckheimer Talks Prince Of Persia (Unreality) Here Come The Basterds (ThePlaylist) 70s Jesus Is Priceless (TomOatmeal) Sexy Babes From South Of The Border (Chickipedia)

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