"South Park" is one of the most popular shows of the past decade and a half, giving us memorable "South Park" quotes, many of which come from the mouth of the show's most foul-mouthed and foul-minded child, Cartman. Since the show has aired for so long and provided so many quotable moments, this list will focus on recurring "South Park" quotes, lines that have become catchphrases for some of the show's characters. Here they are, some of the best recurrin South Park quotes.

  1. "I hate you, Kenny." Often said in a resigned, almost sigh, this is one of Cartman's favorites and always brings a laugh. Cartman hates everyone: Kyle because he's a Jew, Butters because he's naive, but he reserves his biggest disgust for Kenny because Kenny's poor. Perhaps the best instance of "I hate you, Kenny" comes out of nowhere in the "South Park" movie.

  2. "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" / "You bastards!" Said by Stan and Kyle, these "South Park" quotes always cap off the death of Kenny which, through the early seasons, became an every episode gimmick. Since then, Kenny's deaths have been less frequent, but the lines still pop out every now and again.

  3. "Screw you guys. I'm goin' home." Another Cartman classic, this line has come up often enough to be altered, including one memorable occurrence where his classic "South Park" quote was followed by him being unable to leave because he does not have enough room. It's entered our lexicon enough it's not uncommon to hear a friend say this to another friend when taking off.

  4. "Oh, Jesus Christ!" This memorable line comes from the gay and proud Mr. Slave and is said whenever something enters him from behind. Perhaps the most memorable utterance of this "South Park" quote comes when the gerbil Lemmiwinks heads into Mr. Slave's small intestine.

  5. "Wow, what a great audience." Jimmy, one of the show's two resident handicapped characters, uses this South Park quote whenever he finishes a joke in his aspiring stand-up career. Jimmy's first appearance may have been his best, showing Cartman's cruelty in trying to see if he can still laugh by having a handicapped person tell him jokes. When he's unable to, even with "Wow what a great audience" following every bad joke, he knows he can no longer laugh.

These are just a few of the most memorable "South Park" quotes. Surely every fan of the show has his or her favorite, but the chances are good that that big-boned Eric Cartman said it.