Director Danny Boyle takes break from zombies that run and deadly drug farmers to tell an endearing story about a poor Indian teenager who makes it on the Hindi version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire! Except he's not in it for the money, rather for a girl, who is a humongous fan of the show. Love and gameshows! The film has garnered gushing reviews from film festivals around the globe, and apparently has been making salty residue flow like wine from the eyes of all that watch.

For $1,000,000...What is a Slumdog?

A. A sausage from the projects

B. Your best bud

C. A cocktail (2 parts Colt45, 3 parts hypnotiq, .5 part hose water)

D. Destiny...

Hot Chicks to Watch For: Mia Drake, Freida Pinto

Rating: R

Release Date: 11/12/08 (Limited Release)

Studio: Fox Searchlight