‘Showgirls Exposed’ Trailer 2 Delivers Neon Lights and Booty
Monday, June 7 by

Don't get too excited. The new trailer for Showgirls Exposed, the sequel to Showgirls, is awful. Sure, there's neon lights and ass, but I can give you a list of better ways to see such a combination. Well no, not right now. Ask me later, when I'm NOT writing a post. It appears as if director Marc Vorlander grabbed a Handycam, a bottle of peach schnapps, and stumbled drunkenly through a nondescript city filming debauchery. If you stumble around long enough, chances are you're going to capture girls having a three-way with a dog, a stripper getting bludgeoned, and a mob boss executing one of his minions. In fact, I saw all three such things the other night whilst walking through a parking lot in Hollywood. I was British that evening. Check out the NSFW trailer for Showgirls Exposed after the jump…IF YOU DARE.

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