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Sherlock Holmes Stunt School
Monday, March 29 by

Stunt Schooled – Watch more Funny VideosIf you've been wondering how Robert Downey Jr. delivered those painful blows in the opening sequence of Sherlock Holmes then look no further than this video. Eric Oram, fight consultant for the film, takes you step-by-step through the process of deafening someone, jamming their windpipe, breaking their ribs, and shattering their kneecap. All fake of course, but still badass. Don't try this on your little brother.  But feel free to try these links at home.Bryan Singer to Produce X-Men: First Class (Moviefone)Junk Food May Be As Addictive As Crack (Asylum)Ricky Martin is Officially Gay (PopEater)25 Awesome Rage Guy Cartoons (HolyTaco)M. Night Thought 'Twilight' Was Perfect (FilmDrunk)5 Awesome Chatroulette Music Videos (Unreality)19 Players Ejected from Bench-Clearing Brawl (TotalProSports)The Art of the Prank (Maxim)Freak Show All-Stars (Smosh)Mila Kunis Shows Some Serious Cleavage (CelebJihad)UFC 115 May Be Headed to Cincinnati (CagePotato)5 Best Time Travel Movies (Pajiba)An Outrageous Sitcom Parody (Atom)20 Songs To Have Sex To (MadeMan)25 WTF NASCAR Photos (AllLeftTurns)

‘Sherlock Holmes’ Sequel to Milk the Teet of Success this June
Tuesday, January 12 by

Or are they???When you're a bro as in demand as Robert Downey Jr., bromances come and bromances go. And Jon Favreau needs to understand that.News has broken that Downey Jr. has dropped out of Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens in favor of broin' out with Jude Law on the set of the Sherlock Holmes sequel. The success of the first Sherlock Holmes has prompted Warner Brothers to fast-track the sequel and put it before cameras this June, which is exactly the same time that Cowboys & Aliens is planning to begin principal photography.It looks like this was strictly a business decision and Favreau should not take Downey's broparture to heart. I'm sure he'll find another bro who's brotastic enough for the part. That Matthew McConaughey seems nice. Just talk it over with Vince Vaughn. He's always there for a bro in need. (EW)

‘Sherlock Holmes’ Actress Rachel McAdams
Tuesday, December 22 by

I have never met one male that doesn't know and love Rachel McAdams. Some people say she has a big forehead, and I say to them, "YOU'VE got a big forehead!" I'm childish like that. Catch Rachel in Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day giving Robert Downey Jr. sass.  A word from Rachel: "If I hurt someone, if I were to accidentally poke someone's eye out, I would laugh. And then I'd say, 'I'm sorry, I really do feel bad,' but then I'm on the floor rolling."We share the same affinity for gauging people's eyes out! Our first date will certainly be an interesting one… :) ;) :O Don't you touch Rachel's eyes in the pics after the jump!

‘Sherlock Holmes’ Shakes It Like a Polaroid Picture
Wednesday, December 2 by

When Sherlock Holmes premieres this Christmas, you'll be able to shake right along with your favorite sleuth. Ten theaters across the country will use seats outfitted with D-Box Motion Code, which are mechanical cues that sync with frames of the film causing the chair to shake and stutter. Normally, you'd have to go to a furniture store for those kinds of thrills. Seats in theaters not outfitted with the code will shake as well. This is to simulate the ass-kicking Madonna's divorce attornies are probably giving director Guy Ritchie this very moment. (Cinema Blend)

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SHerlock Holmes Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersExtra!  Extra!  Getch yer new trailer for Guy Ritchie's hard-hitting, pipe-smoking, mutton chop-sporting adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic, starring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong and a bunch of dodgy cockney spivs! 

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