Interested in sex documentaries? Sex documentaries can document sexual habits from the very bizarre to mainstream. Documentary series such as the National Geographic show “Taboo” often introduce different sexual practices to mainstream audiences. These are great examples of interesting sex documentaries.

  1. "Fetishes” This Fireworks International production features Pandora’s Box which is a BDSM facility that specializes in bondage and torture for sexual gratification. This documentary was filmed in 1996 and features Pandora’s box. On display are the various types of fetishes.

  2. "Real Sex” This television  sex documentary series ran for seventeen years. This series covered everything from food fetishes to virtual sex. This series used an honest approach to the sexual desires and lives of individuals interviewed. 

  3. “Chicken Ranch” This sex documentary explores the popular Nevada brothel  Chicken Ranch. Interviews with the “escorts” as well as customers are given. Many of the day to day issues with the ranch are explored during this documentary.

  4. “Taboo, Sexuality” "Taboo" documents sexuality and sexual identity around the world including the lengths that people go through to change and express their sexual identity. This documentary takes an unbiased look at sexual beliefs and feelings”

  5. “Indie Sex: Censored” This is a frank discussion of sex and nudity in the film industry. There are discussions on censorship as well as artistic expression. Interviews are conducted with various artists in the adult and mainstream movie industry.

  6. “Oral Sex is a Goodnight Kiss” This documentary was shot over four years. It researches the sometimes lackadaisical attitude of teenagers concerning oral sex. This documentary serves as a warning to parents who are completely clueless about their children’s actions. Prostitution and stripping were also investigated.

  7. “Sex Slaves in America” MSNBC conducted this sex documentary of sex slaves in America. To give an in-depth look at human trafficking is the main point of this documentary. Several women who were sold into slavery gave their story. This documentary reminds the viewer that it is a worldwide epidemic.

  8. "Inside Deep Throat” One of the most popular adult films of all times is studied in this sex documentary. This sex documentary explores the actors in this movie. It also explores the effect of this movie on the sexual views of American culture.

  9. “Sex with Strangers” Three swinging couples are followed and profiled in this documentary. The mental as well as physical gratification is explored throughout this documentary. Couples in very different stages of swinging are explored.

  10. “Sex, the Revolution” This sex documentary features four portions. Sex in popular American culture is profiled and examined. The episodes are grouped according to sex in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s. Modern views on sex are also explored. 

- Brandy Willingham