‘Glee’ Producer Bans Sex On Set
Wednesday, June 23 by

Lord only knows where that finger has been.The soothsayers over at Hustler have done it again. Apparantly, the thought of the "Glee" cast rubbing their genitals together isn't a far-fetched scenario that exists only in parody porn and fan fiction. Ryan Murphy, the show's co-creator and producer, has been forced to ban sex in the kids' trailers. He creepily announced his decree to Telegraph UK:"But I have a rule: don't do it in your trailer. They've broken that rule on many occasions. I'm like, 'I know you guys are young and hormonal, but don't do it in your trailer'. I'm the dad, that's what I say'."This news makes me feel sad for the female castmembers. They must be so bored while all that sex is going on without them.

Tuesday, August 11 by

In SPREAD, opening this Friday, Ashton Kutcher plays Nikki, a high-end lothario who has slept his way into a life of privilege.  We haven't seen the film, but we're pretty sure that we'd rather it focused on Kutcher's co-star Margarita Levieva, if only to give us more screen time with her.  In the film, Levieva plays Heather, who turns out to be a grifter just like Nikki… and the plot thickens. But it got us thinking that Heather, no matter how good she is at swindling through sex, has got some pretty stiff competition cinematically speaking.  The following ten sexpots are Screen Junkies' picks for the 10 Hottest Female Grifters in Movies.   Angelina Jolie as Julie Russell ORIGINAL SIN (2001)

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