Featuring edge-of-your-seat action, award-nominated performances and thrilling cinematography, these Secret Service movies are characterized by assassination attempts, framed agents and sexy femme fatales. Showcasing exceptional performances from top actors like Shirley MacLaine, Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan and Eva Longoria, these movies are bound to satisfy even the most fastidious of fans.

  1. “Guarding Tess” A great Secret Service movie by director Hugh Wilson, this film follows a Secret Service agent who is hired to protect a former First Lady. Featuring standout performances by Nicholas Cage and Austin Pendleton, “Guarding Tess” earned screen veteran Shirley MacLaine a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in 1995.

  2. “Vantage Point” This dizzying 2008 film depicts an assassination attempt on the president as seen through multiple vantage points, essentially re-telling the narrative a number of times from the point of view of Secret Service agent Thomas Barnes (portrayed by Dennis Quaid at his chaotic best), his partner, a tourist and others. A thrilling (if not confusing) gem, the film features standout performances by Forrest Whitaker, Matthew Fox and the lovely Zoe Saldana.

  3. “In the Line of Fire” Possibly the best Secret Service movie in film history, this fast-paced thriller stars screen legend Clint Eastwood as grizzled veteran Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan who attempts to stop a psychopathic assassin from killing the president. The film delivers excellent performances by Eastwood as well as a truly disturbing John Malkovich as assassin Mitch Leary.

  4. “From Russia With Love” The second film to feature the suave Sean Connery as British Secret Service agent James Bond, “From Russia With Love” finds Bond unwittingly pulled into an assassination plot while trying to retrieve a Soviet encryption device. Arguably one of the best Secret Service movies ever made, the film features a sultry Daniela Bianchi as Bond girl Tatiana Romanova.

  5. “To Live and Die in L.A.” This neo-noir thriller about a Secret Service agent who is determined to bring down a counterfeiter at all costs is one of the best Secret Service movies from the 1980s and was written and directed by “The Exorcist” filmmaker William Friedkin. The film features exceptional performances by Willem Defoe, John Turturro and a young Jane Leeves as Serena.

  6. “Dave” This heartwarming 1993 comedy from filmmaker Ivan Reitman stars Kevin Kline as an actor bearing a striking resemblance to the president who is asked to fill in as the Commander in Chief. The film features a young Ving Rhames as by-the-book Secret Service agent Duane Stevenson who is gradually warmed by Kline’s charming antics.

  7. “Secret Service of the Air” This 1939 film serial stars Ronald Reagan as savvy Secret Service agent Lt. “Brass” Bancroft, a commercial pilot hired by the Secret Service to stop a smuggling ring from bringing illegal aliens into the country by air. Considered a little known B-movie, this film serial features a career-defining performance from golden haired Ila Rhodes and is one of only five films the actress made in her short career.

  8. “Men in Black” Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star as members of a Secret Service style organization whose purpose is to monitor alien life on earth. Featuring amazing special effects and a thrilling story, “Men in Black” includes one of Vincent D’Onofrio’s all-time best performances as a alien terrorist who takes over the body of a blue collar worker.

  9. “The Sentinel” One of Michael Douglas’ best films, “The Sentinel” follows Douglas as veteran Secret Service agent Pete Garrison who, after being accused of treason, attempts to clear his name and discovers a complicated assassination plot in the process. One of the best Secret Service movies in recent years, “The Sentinel” also delivers standout performances by Kiefer Sutherland and the sultry Eva Longoria as his partner, Jill Marin.

  10. “14 Blades” In this highly stylized kung-fu epic set during the Ming Dynasty, the Captain of the Emperor’s Secret Service is betrayed and subsequently hunted by his own men. The film features amazing fight sequences and stunning cinematography, backed by exceptional performances from Hong Kong superstar Donnie Yen and the beautiful young Wei Zhao as Qiao Hua.

                                                                                                                                                  -Joshua Wade