Bad Stuff In Disney Movies
Monday, March 7 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The best bad stuff in Disney movies is really…really…naughty! It is basically bad stuff soooo lurid that it will make your face beet red and cause you to have a…

Secret Messages In Disney Movies
Thursday, December 2 by Frankie Billings

Disney evokes an image of family fun and wholesomeness, but there are secret messages in Disney movies that might make you think differently about your favorite Disney film. Next time…

Wednesday, May 13 by

Hopefully the cover above has dissuaded you from thinking Universal was deigning to adapt the feel-good new age philosophy of the same name*.  Nay, reports that Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to Dark Horse Comics’ The Secret under the exclusive three-year partnership the two companies entered into in early 2008.  (They also partnered on the Hellboy franchise and Timecop.) The four-issue miniseries from 2007 was written by Dark Horse's Mike Richardson, and visualized by Jason Shawn Alexander, an award-winning artist who's worked on Abe Sapien, Queen & Country, and The Escapists.  (His official website is pretty badass, and you can check it out here.)The Secret is a coming-of-age tale that focuses on Tommy, a high schooler who attends an exclusive party with the cool kids in order to get closer to his dream girl.  But then a prank call goes sour…

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