If you're looking for some really good sci-fi movies 2009, this list of sci-fi movies should surpass all of your expectations. For the science fiction movie genre, 2009 had very little material to disappoint ("Terminator: Salvation" anyone?) and was a pretty entertaining year for the most part. Granted, there were a few movies that were just mindless popcorn fun like "2012" and "Pandorum," but then you had some very original and thought-provoking sci-fi movies like "Moon" and "District 9."

  1. "Moon" Sam Rockwell stars in this mind-numbing space thriller that is among of one the best sci-fi movies in 2009. Rockwell plays a lone astronaut stationed on a moon base who is getting ready to go home soon. However, not is all as it seems and the astronaut begins to see things which he is not sure are real or not.

  2. "Star Trek" After ten movies, several television shows and a dwindling interest in the franchise, it seemed that the "Star Trek" series was doomed. But low and behold, J.J. Abrams refreshed all that made this series so great with the reboot  "Star Trek," one of the best 2009 sci-fi movies.

  3. "Avatar" You can call it "Dances with Wolves" in space until you're blue in the face...so to speak. "Avatar" is James Cameron's sci-fi comeback to the mega-blockbuster that was "Titanic." "Avatar" is let alone the biggest sci-fi movie that was released in 2009, presenting impressive scope and engaging visuals.

  4. "Terminator: Salvation" Despite its visually entertaining appearance, "Terminator: Salvation" was perhaps the worst sci-fi movie of 2009. This film is the lowest point of the "Terminator" franchise, ever. Much like "Die Hard," R-rated material has been traded in for a cheap gimmicky PG-13 script.

  5. "District 9" Most alien movies will either have aliens as the good guys that need our help or want to help us, or aliens as the bad guys and want to invade us. "District 9" takes a somewhat different and unique approach by painting a race of crashed aliens on Earth as immigrants, forced to live in their own slums. "District 9" is a highly innovative sci-fi 2009 movie.

  6. "Pandorum" This 2009 sci-fi movie is not only one of the best of the year but is perhaps one of the best films inspired by the "Alien" movies to come around in a while. "Pandorum" is bit like "Dead Space" mixed with "Alien," depicting a group of people awakening on a generation ship to find the entire crew dead and strange creatures lurking about.

  7. "2012" Call it big, dumb fun if you will, but "2012" is what it is, big cinematic popcorn entertainment. "2012" is Roland Emmerich's latest special effects spectacle, a mega disaster flick about the 2012 apocalypse. It's not meant to be an intelligent sci-fi movie like "Moon" or "District 9," "2012 is among one of the best sci-fi movies of 2009.