There are a good amount of San Antonio movies out there, you just got to look for 'em. San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United States; as such, the River City encompasses millions of Americans and is responsible for the oversight of the U.S. National Historic Landmark "The Alamo," Admittedly, most of the fame attributed to San Antonio around the country is generally related to the Alamo Mission. That being said, San Antonio movies differ in content and premise.

  1. "The Alamo" The first "The Alamo" film was produced by John Wayne, starring himself alongside Richard Widmark and Laurence Harvey. The plot centers around the Battle of the Alamo from the view of Davy Crockett (Wayne) and his comrades William Travis and James Bowie.

  2. "Miss Congeniality" Sandra Bullock stars as Officer Gracie Hart, a well-intentioned F.B.I. Special Agent who does things in unconventional ways. San Antonio is the featured location of domestic terrorist "Citizen," and the majority of the movie centers around the city. "Miss Congeniality" was filmed in San Antonio.

  3. "The Alamo" "The Alamo" is a 2004 film that was invested highly in its special effects. Unfortunately, only a moderate amount of people went to see the movie, and the films's large budget was $125 million short. It, like the John Wayne version, focuses on the Battle of the Alamo, albeit this time through the eyes of Sam Houston (Dennis Quaid).

  4. "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" Jim Carey is back at it again in this 1995 sequel to the original "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." The film was shot in San Antonio as well as Charleston, South Carolina and British Columbia, Canada.

  5. "All the Pretty Horses" Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz star in "All the Pretty Horses," a 2000 romantic-drama filmed in the Alamo City. In the movie, a young cowboy (Damon) falls in love with a Mexican aristocrat's daughter (Cruz). The cowboy eventually becomes highly disillusioned with the world around him.

  6. "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) has lost his bike; going on a big adventure to find it, thus, is the only solution! While on the search for his beloved bike, Pee Wee is lead to the basement of the Alamo. Unfortunately, when he gets there, Reuben's character learns that the Alamo has no basement.

  7. "Spy Kids" Directed by the famous Robert Rodriguez, the "Spy Kids" trilogy utilizes various sites of Rodriguez's home city (San Antonio). The San Antonio Public Library is the OSS Kids Headquarters in the series. The film is about Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) Cortez, two spies working to fight the evil Fegan Floop.

  8. "Race with the Devil" A 1975 action thriller, "Race with the Devil" was filmed all around San Antonio and set in central Texas. The movie deals with the influence of a local satanic cult, and the flight of Roger Marsh (Peter Fonda) and Frank Stewart (Warren Oates) who try to flee its clutches.

  9. "Still Breathing" Brendan Fraser stars as a puppeteer living in San Antonio; this contrasts con artist Rosalyn Willoughby (Joanna Going) of Los Angeles. They share the same dream that they are the ones for each other, although Roz is slow to accept the honesty Fletcher has to offer her.

  10. "Rolling Thunder" Starring William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones, "Rolling Thunder" is a 1977 classic cult film directed by Johnn Flynn. The plot centers around a battered war hero who is robbed by thugs for his valuables, killing his family in the process. Now, the hero (Devane) plots revenge.

San Antonio movies are varied and tend to show off the cultural intrigue of the southwestern metropolis. Although a key part in American history, San Antonio movies need not be linked to the Alamo.

-Daniel Khalil