Tuesday, June 9 by

  A new episode of "Man in the Box" went up today, and while it's not movie or TV related – not in the least – it still happens on a screen, so… yeah we're stretching.  But it's a particularly funny episode, and any piece of original content that has the line, "Why don't you just go bang REO Speedwagon, then!" has our seal of approval. TODAY'S TOP LINKS.  VISIT THEM!  ENJOY!  YOU'RE WELCOME! Leah Dizon Is Hot            Lose Your One Night Stand     Bruno's Lawyers Attack!           10 Freakish Youtubers        Keyboard-Mouse Combo  10 Worst Superhero Lays           5 Diabolical Animals             Tribute To Spencer Pratt        Female MMA Champ         Best Triumph Moments      You Deadliest Catch!    Top 10 Bikini Flick Scenes                     Pick Up Soap In Jail   Finals Halftime Tweets   Moon On 'Burn Notice'          

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