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One Eyed Monster Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersThis is the trailer for the film, One Eyed Monster starring Ron Jeremy, available on DVD right now.  It's a horror movie about Jeremy's detached penis going on a rampage, and an adult film crew banding together to stop it, natch.  Somewhere, a Gender Studies professor is already beginning her dissertation on the film as a biting media satire, but I'm pretty sure it's just about a giant dick killing people.  At about 1:59 in the clip, an actor pretty much sums up the movie, and his line delivery is so earnest, he should win an award or something.    Check out the links from some other huge dicks that we fear & respect. Favre's Agent Wants To Win Another Superbowl (MoonDogSports) 10 Hilarious Movies That Got Awful Reviews (UnrealityMag) Mike Tyson Sings Phil Collins (FilmDrunk) Images of Robert Downey Jr. in his Iron Man 2 Suit (Pajiba) '12 Months' In Estonian (Manofest) The Keyboard Cat Should Have co-starred in Garfield 2 (SickPigs) Carla Morgan Is Spankin' Hot (GorillaMask) This Guy's The Life Of THe Party (IAmBored) Star Trek's Most Ridiculous Alien Races (Cracked) Awesome District 9 Trailer (Filmofilia) Manny Ramirez's Steroid Storyboards (Holytaco) Eyes Wide Shut Orgy, Arizona State-style (BustedCoverage) Hotties In The Wild Internet (Uncoached)

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