10 Best Chick Flick Comedies
Saturday, February 26 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 best chick flick comedies includes some of the most charming and endearing movies ever made. Though generally thought to be made for and marketed to…

10 Best Chick Flicks 2009
Saturday, February 26 by Joshua Wade

Passionate and moving, lighthearted and uplifting, the ten best chick flicks 2009 showcase endearing stories and provocative cinematography as well as the talents of some of the best actors in…

10 Cheesy Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 26 by BWalter

Yeah, there are a lot more than ten cheesy chick flicks out there. But, you're only going to have to endure the descriptions of the ten cheesiest chick flicks. Cheesy…

10 Best Korean Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 26 by T. Cousin

Here are the 10 best Korean chick flicks. Romance movies have always been the choice for anyone who is, or wants to be in love. Check out this must-see list of Korean…

10 Best Romantic Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 26 by Charlie Walker

Pick any of these 10 best romantic chick flicks and you'll show that special someone you have a sensitive, softer side. These movies don’t have to be just for date night….

10 Best Movies Based On Shakespeare
Friday, February 25 by Lori Boyd

The 10 best movies based on Shakespeare take his legendary works in new directions.  Each filmmaker had a unique vision about these movies based on Shakespeare. “Shakespeare in Love”. Although…

10 Good Chick Flicks 2007
Sunday, February 20 by Olivia Joseph

In order to uncover at least 10 good chick flicks from 2007, we were subjected to hours and days of untold tortures, like cheesecloth plot lines and characters almost as…

10 Most Famous Chick Flicks
Thursday, February 17 by Joshua Wade

Sweeping romances and visually stunning emotional epics characterize this list of the ten most famous chick flicks. Featuring sentimental films written and directed by legendary filmmakers, these films have earned…

10 Best Romantic Drama Films
Thursday, February 17 by Clara Havens

The movies discussed here easily fit the category of ten best romantic drama films. All ten of them feature great stories, memorable acting performances, and lots of romance. All ten even…

10 Best Indie Romance Films
Wednesday, February 16 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best Indie romance films are made outside the studio eye, allowing the filmmakers to tell the story they pictured in their mind exactly how they imagined it to…

10 French Romantic Movies
Tuesday, February 15 by sameerah blue

Grab a box of tissue, your favorite cuddle partner and plan a romantic evening with this list of 10 French romantic movies. The films that made our list of ten…

10 Best Interracial Romance Movies
Friday, February 11 by T. Cousin

Be sure to check out the 10 best interracial romance movies that are available for home entertainment. Interracial romance films have been produced in every genre. Here are the best interracial romance movies…

10 Romantic Historical Movies
Friday, February 11 by Anwar Jefferson-George

If you're tired of watching chick flick fluff and would much rather prefer to educate yourself while you and your girlfriend let your brains vegetate, this list of the top…

10 Best 2007 Romance Movies
Wednesday, February 9 by Jennifer Wright

The 10 best romance movies of 2007 were not that easy to find. It appears 2007 wasn’t a great year for romance movies. But, there were still a few gems….

10 Best Christmas Romance Movies
Wednesday, February 9 by Jennifer Wright

The ten best Christmas movies romance movies are great movies for the Christmas season. No matter what age you are the movies found below are wonderful for watching with the…

10 Best Korean Movie Sex Scenes
Tuesday, February 8 by sameerah blue

You may be grabbing a little bit more than your remote after spending some time with the ten best Korean movie sex scenes. Compared to some of the things you…

10 Great Love Movies
Tuesday, February 8 by Miranda Caliban

Couples hoping to rekindle their romance may find inspiration from the following ten great love movies. From classics such as "My Fair Lady" to the unique "They Might Giants" these…

10 Best Romantic Period Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Amin El-Gazzar

The 10 Best Romantic Period Movies show a world full of historic relevance. The Romantic Period which began in the late 1700's and continues to the present, rejects realism and…

10 Best French Romance Movies
Sunday, February 6 by Nina St. John

The best French romance movies is a combination in terminology of the obvious. Nobody does romance like the French. France was also the birthplace of film in the 19th century,…

10 Best Dramatic Romantic Movies
Saturday, February 5 by Ginny Putscher

Although it is not a difficult task to compile a list of the 10 best dramatic romantic movies, a problem occurs because there are so many great movies of this…

10 Best Romantic Movies Scenes
Thursday, February 3 by Nicole Dales

Whether you are looking for a quick dose of romantic love or a scene to steam up your own love life, one of the scenes from this list of the…

10 Most Romantic Movie Couples
Thursday, February 3 by Raina Lorring

Fall in love with the 10 most romantic movie couples. In the romance genre the movie is nothing if they leading man and woman can’t make the audience feel like…

5 Best Vampire Love Movies
Thursday, February 3 by Layla Sinclair

For those who want to watch some frightful romance, check out these 5 best vampire love movies. The following films contain both bloodsucking scenes and love stories. The “Twilight” series…

10 Cute Movie Couples
Thursday, February 3 by Kelly Cannon

These ten cute movie couples all come from movies that are great first date movies – or for any time you want to show your romantic side. Most women love…

10 Most Famous Romantic Movies
Thursday, February 3 by Walter Turner

The 10 most famous romantic movies are films that have endured for decades without losing their freshness and appeal. Each year produces a new crop of romantic movies, several of…

10 Romantic Movie Moments
Wednesday, February 2 by Jennifer Potts

The 10 romantic movie moments below can be watched again and again. Thse romantic movie moments will still have as much sweetness and tenderness the tenth time you watch them…

10 Best Hindi Romantic Movies
Wednesday, February 2 by Jessica Fletcher

These 10 best Hindi romantic movies are all exceptional films with great plots and romance scenes. The films are quite moving and should be definitely be added to your list…

10 Best Sexy Romantic Movies
Wednesday, February 2 by Laurie Tam

You and your girl are in a sexy romantic mood so it's no wonder you want to know what the 10 best sexy romantic movies are so you two could go see it…

10 Best Thai Love Movies
Tuesday, February 1 by Ergopotamo

These 10 best Thai love movies will have you laughing, crying, and falling in love. Curl up on the couch and have a romance movie fest with your best friends….

10 Best Famous Love Quotes From Movies
Tuesday, February 1 by T. Cousin

The 10 best famous love quotes from movies will be the focus of this article. The next best thing to watching a good movie about love, is the words that the…

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