Get Sad All Over Again By Watching This Tribute To Those We Lost In 2014
Friday, January 2 by

See you at the crossroads.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.08.55 AM
Robin Williams Voices A Dog Opposite Simon Pegg In This First ‘Absolutely Anything’ Clip
Wednesday, December 17 by

Simon Pegg has been on a bit of a sci-fi tear recently. With mixed results.

When Good Stars Go Bad: Eight Actors and Their Most Villainous Film Roles
Thursday, September 11 by

These actors are known for playing the good guy (or gal), but they all broke bad at one point in their career!

One of the better tributes we've seen.
David Letterman Presented A Robin Williams Tribute Video On ‘The Late Show’ Last Night
Tuesday, August 19 by

Letterman’s still the king of late night television in this regard.

Hook (Official Movie Poster)
The Film Cult Presents: Hook
Friday, August 15 by

Like the rest of the world, I too have been mourning the untimely and tragic death of supernova comedian Robin Williams. My Facebook newsfeed has been blossoming with tributes, some…

R.I.P Robin Williams: On the Passing of an Icon and the “Legalized Insanity” of Comedy
Tuesday, August 12 by

Robin Williams was a walking, talking stream of consciousness, an errant television signal from another planet that had (barely) been contained to a human vessel in some sort of freak accident. We’ll dearly miss him.

The Film Cult Presents: Toys
Friday, July 25 by

Warning! Spoilers Ahead! Toys didn’t get a fair shake. I saw it in the theater when I was a teenager, and the visual effects mesmerized me. It was a Magritte…

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire
‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel To Harken Back To Robin Williams’ Tolerable Days
Thursday, April 17 by

Just when a nation had healed from an epidemic of run-by fruitings.

Board game night!!!
‘Jumanji’ Remake Gets A Writer. A Nation Waits With Bated Breath.
Friday, December 7 by


There go my future erections.
The Oscars Trailer Suggests They’re Putting Off Fresh Material For 2013 At The Earliest
Friday, January 6 by

The Oscars want to demonstrate they’re more the same than ever with this parody piece.

This is the real Patch Adams, and if someone looking like this ever reached out to give me medical care, they would pull back a bloody stump.
The Best ‘Patch Adams’-Related Home Invasion Story You’ll Read All Day
Thursday, December 1 by

Reminds me of the time I used the Catherine Zeta-Jones film ‘No Reservations’ to diffuse a race riot.

This future dystopia is easy on the eyes.
7 Films That Cheat The Aging Process
Friday, October 28 by

You can’t cheat death…except in the movies.

Robin Williams Quotes
Tuesday, October 4 by Lori Boyd

Robin Williams quotes range from serious to side-splitting. Robin Williams, actor, producer and philanthropist, is a talent with his own maniacal style. Endlessly energetic, verbally skilled, and immensely talented, Robin…

Robin Williams Movies List
Sunday, September 11 by D. Michaels

Robin Williams is without a doubt one of the most versatile actors of our time, so it’s no wonder that people have such a hard time coming up with a…

"I don't wanna hear Sixpence None the Richer!"
Enough, Already: 9 Songs That Are Wildly Overused In Film
Thursday, August 25 by

This list could constitute a ten year-old’s playlist for two years.

Dead Poets Society Quotes
Thursday, August 4 by Sarah Sullivan

Movie quotes are of special interest to the average movie watcher and “Dead Poets Society” quotes are no exception. A rich screenplay filled to the brim with inspirational talks on…

Matt Damon Movies List
Monday, August 1 by Walter Turner
Casting Round Up: Williams, McAvoy, And Wilkinson Are Priests, Robbers, And Villains
Thursday, June 23 by

Robin Williams will be starring in ‘Patch Adams 2: The Heart Beats On’. Just kidding. I hope you haven’t already smashed your computer.

Don’t Call The ‘Happy Feet 2′ Teaser A Comeback
Friday, May 27 by

Like penguins?

Family Law Movies That Make Men Cry
Wednesday, April 20 by Robin Raven

If you are looking for a film that will help get out pent-up emotions, yet one that also has a strong storyline regarding an important topic, check out these 10…

10 Best Funny Family Movies
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If it’s time for a movie night in your household, you’ll want to check out these 10 best funny family movies. The following films offer engaging plots and funny characters….

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5 Best Movies With Robin Williams
Thursday, November 18 by Bobby Ivie

The five best movies with Robin Williams are a mixture of comedy and drama. Williams plays both roles equally well and often mixes them together. "Good Morning Vietnam." Williams plays a…

Francis Ford Coppola Rules Out ‘Godfather 3D’
Thursday, May 13 by

For all of you Francis Ford Coppola fans who are anxiously awaiting The Godfather 3D, I'm sorry to tell you it ain't gonna happen. In an interview with ElectronicHouse, the legendary director came out swinging against the craze, saying that most films aren't enhanced by 3D, except at the box office. “I feel that until you can watch 3D without glasses, it’s the same thing we know,” he says. “I personally do not want to watch a movie with glasses. It’s tiresome.” Coppola says he even removed his 3D glasses to watch portions of “Avatar,” even though it meant he was watching out of focus. Who does this guy think he is? I recently watched Clash of the Titans in 3D, and let me tell you that it was a thousand times better than The Godfather I & II combined! If Coppola has any hope of his films being accepted by future generations, he'll convert his entire catalog to 3D at once. That way we can watch Jack in the third dimension, as it was meant to be experienced. (CinemaBlend)

Old Dogs
Monday, November 23 by

Director: Walt BeckerCast: Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth GreenSynopsis: Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins.

Thursday, July 30 by

Today, Hulu put up this new clip from the Robin Williams-starring WORLD'S GREATEST DAD, in which his character Lance Clayton makes nice with the old neighbor lady over some weed, bonds over zombies and informs her that his son (SPY KIDS' Darryl Sabara) is spying on her when she drops her top every night.  What she does with the information might shock and appall you, which is perhaps why there's an age-check gate on this clip.  We have not had a chance to see WORLD'S GREATEST DAD yet.  The above clip is intriguing but the trailer showed even greater promise.  Even Devin from CHUD.com, who seems to hate a lot of stuff out there, heaped praise on it.  The film's already available via Video On Demand.  If you're not sold, you can check out IGN's interview with director Bobcat Goldthwait after the jump.  Laura Celeste Is Very Hot (Gorillamask) Justin And Johnny: Whore Island (Holytaco) Interview With The Guy Punching The Air From Most Valuable Primate (Filmdrunk) Megan Fox Is A Genius (Manofest) Einstein Action Figures For Mega-Nerds Only (Walyou) The Worst Macguffins Ever (Pajiba) 6 Things That Shouldn't Explode, But Did Anyways (Cracked) Snuggies For Dogs, Now? (Sickpigs) 5 Fast Food Restauraunts That Make You Scared To Fart (Coedmagazine) 5 Job Suggestions For Sarah Palin (Celebjihad) Professions Women Think Are Hot (Mademan) MMA Steroid Busts Timeline (Cagepotato) Adding Celebrity Faces To Houshold Appliances And Mechanical Items (Unreality) Japanese Super Toilets Coming To America (Asylum) Manly Rugby Mascot Attacked By Fan (Bustedcoverage) A Collection Of "To All U Haterz" Videos (Uncoached) 5 High School Crushes: Where Are They Now? (Regretfulmorning) Bill O'reilly Thinks Naked Girls Are Pinheads (Bachelorguy) Happy Birthday, Jaime Pressley (Moondogsports)

Saturday, June 20 by

Above is the new trailer for World's Greatest Dad, directed by none other than comedian Bobcat Goldthwait (forever my favorite Police Academy 'new recruit') and starring Robin Williams as a washed up writer teaching high school English and trying to raise a kid on his own.  The trailer makes the movie look pretty promising, with Williams taking the family comedy route he's treaded so many times before but then veering off a cliff and careening into the dark world of vagina jokes.  As you can see, metaphors aren't my forté. Dare I say that Robin Williams is back?  I dare.

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