It is clear when you go to see one of Ridley Scott films, you are in for a treat. Scott was born in England but soon moved to the United States where he has become one of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers. Scott has been nominated for three Oscars and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  1. “The Duellists” The first Ridley Scott film was “The Duelists.” Made in 1977, this movie follows a feud between two French officers that stretches out over a decade. The movie was a solid European film that brought Scott to the attention of Hollywood producers.

  2. “Alien” Scott’s first major success was this horror movie about a space crew who happens onto a ship with a dangerous alien. The movie is more a haunted house thriller than sci-fi epic as it takes the futuristic space craft and makes it dirty and dangerous. The movie produced three direct sequels.

  3. “Blade Runner” Widely considered one of the greatest sci-fi action movies of all time, this tells the story of a future where replicant clones are created to do menial tasks for real humans. The speech at the end of the movie by Rutger Hauer’s replicant remains one of the greatest in cinema history.

  4. “Thelma & Louise” This Ridley Scott film earned the director his first Oscar nomination. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis star as two women who kill a man who attempted to rape them and end up on the run from the police. The movie also features a young Brad Pitt in a supporting role.

  5. “Gladiator” This is the most successful Ridley Scott film, earning twelve Oscar nominations and Scott’s second Best Director nomination. Russell Crowe stars as Maximus, bringing the classic sword and sandal genre back from the dead. The movie made Russell Crowe a star.

  6. “Hannibal” In one of his more disappointing outings, Scott took on the sequel to “Silence of the Lambs,” replacing Jodie Foster with Julianne Moore. What resulted was a movie that was a steep drop off from the excellent first movie although Gary Oldman was awesome as the bad guy.

  7. “Black Hawk Down” Scott turned his attention to the war epic and created one of the most technically sound war movies of all time. His story followed soldiers trapped and under fire from enemy forces, while waiting for reinforcements and a rescue team. Josh Hartnett stars in one of his only quality performances.

  8. “Kingdom of Heaven” Ridley Scott went back for another historical epic and ended up being critically panned for the theatrical version of the film. However, once he went back and released the longer version he originally fought for, the movie ended up being a great film proving that Ridley Scott knew what he was doing.

  9. “American Gangster” Denzel Washington stars as true life mobster Frank Lucas in this crime thriller. The movie is a brilliant turn as Scott made the bad guy a family man and the cop who chased him, played by Russell Crowe, dirty in comparison.

  10. “Robin Hood” Ridley Scott chose to rewrite history with his take on the “Robin Hood” legend. In this movie, Scott makes the man known at Robin Hood an imposter who takes over the dead Robin’s identity and then helps overcome the evil sheriff in the name of Robin Hood.