Rachael Ray is a popular TV cook that can be seen on her various Food Network cooking shows and on her own “Rachael Ray” talk show on weekday mornings. Rachael Ray has fascinated us with her quick cooking of full meals and her ability to show us how to cook a week's worth of meals in a single day. Both tasks make being a working parent much easier with the knowledge she gives us about preparing and serving a good meal on time restraints.

Rachael Ray has numerous cooking shows on the Food Network Channel. Her most famous show is most likely “30-Minute Meals” in which she shows viewers that a filling, healthy and hearty meal can be ready from start to finish in just 30 minutes. “Rachael Ray's Week in a Day” is another great show for making a great tasting dinner in just a small amount of time. By setting aside one day a week, you will be able to create enough dinners for an entire week and cut out the nightly rushing around for a hot meal for your family.

“Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels” heads out on the road to find the best places to eat when you are traveling. She shows you options from a great tasting burger to a fine dining experience. Did you know it was possible to have great and tasty food while you are on vacation for just $40 a day? Rachael Ray talks to the town folks to find out what is the best thing to eat and where they would go to find it. She recommends talking with the people who live in the area you are on vacation in to get the insider tips on the best food in town.

Along with being on a number of television shows, Rachael ray has written various cookbooks. She has designed her own set of cookware and knives. And, she has a fabulous magazine packed full of recipes and tips every month. Rachael Ray also started a non-profit organization called Yum-O that teachers kids and families to cook, feeds hungry kids, and funds food and cooking education.

- Sandy Baird