Kiss your shoes goodbye, girls.
What Not To Expect: 8 Actresses Ruined By Pregnancy
Friday, May 18 by

They got more than they were expecting.

6 Horrific Movie Pregnancies That Will Make You Wrap It Up
Sunday, January 8 by Gregory Wakeman

"Twilight, Breaking Dawn : Part 1." The adventures of Bella and Edward have been a rather a tepid affair for a story that involves both vampires and werewolves. But the…

Monday, June 15 by

Noted hard-partier Andrew WK is hosting the new, explosion-filled Destroy Build Destroy on Cartoon Network. On the show, WK gives kids bazookas and encourages them to blow up large vehicles in order to build new, kick-ass machines out of the wreckage. It looks like a great update on Mr. Wizard. Without the bad touch. Here are some more explosive morning headlines…   Megan Fox looks forward to acting someday. (The Playlist) Lindsay Lohan is pregnant. (Cinema Blend) Paul Shaffer was nearly George Costanza. (TV Squad) Limpet remake finds a captain. (THR) Joseph Gordon-Levitt infers that Stephen Sommers is developmentally disabled. (MTV) 7 Terrible Scripts That Became Great Movies. (Cracked)

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