Movie Night With The SJ Girls
Wednesday, September 15 by

Screen Junkies fans (yes, we have them) Sara and Janelle decided to show off their new gear by having a movie night. They sent us the pics and now I share them with you. I call this piece "S&J For SJ."

Well hello, Ladies. Where'd you get that snazzy swag?

Circa 1996, when VHS and 'Tin Cup' were popular.

"How are we gonna play these?!"

25 Real Life Superheroes
Thursday, April 22 by

Kick-Ass kicked a dragon's ass at the box office this past weekend, so we thought we'd honor the triumph by showcasing 25 real life superheroes. Maybe Kick-Ass can team up with Captain Ozone Ireland for the sequel. I heard he's got sweet nunchuck skillz.

20 Best Movie Mustaches of the Aughts
Friday, December 18 by

Twas a fine decade for facial hair in cinema. There were men donning mustaches a plenty, but we toiled and twirled the 'staches we can't grow and picked the twenty best. Did we leave off your favorite one? Let us know who else sported an exemplary mustache on film in the past ten years.

30 Cool Movie and TV Bobbleheads
Wednesday, December 2 by

They make the perfect stocking stuffers.

25 Sweet Home Theater Systems
Tuesday, November 24 by

There are home theaters, and then there are HOME THEATERS. Which one of these do you want on your holiday gift list?

25 Awesome Fast Food Toys
Tuesday, November 3 by

The nostalgia these movie and TV themed toys conjure up brings a tear to my eye. The burgers and fries were always tasty, but the plastic crap was the reason I screamed and hollered for another trip to the drive thru. Here are 25 favorites from Kathy's Fast Food Toys. I still have the Pizza Hut The Land Before Time hand puppets in a shoe box in my Mom's basement. Which ones are you guys still holding onto for dear life?   

20 Movie Villain Pumpkin Carvings
Friday, October 23 by

Our friends at and some people we don't know (but whose work we admire) at Pumpkin Gutter have assembled a rogue's gallery from the gourd family just in time for Halloween, and we've picked the best of the best. Every photo links back to the source page in case you want to keep exploring. Walyou alone has put together a mega gallery of 130 Pumpkin carvings that feature likenesses of video game characters, geek celebs, and more. So check em out when you're done cowering at the sight of these fruity monstrosities. (Yes, pumpkins are fruit.)

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