Photobomb Friday: ‘From Here to Eternity’ + Beached Whale
Friday, May 14 by

Get a room, you two.Here are your weekend linksHugh Hefner and Joan Rivers Vs. Best Worst Movie (Moviefone)Masterclash Takes On Bad TV (Asylum)Oprah to Tom Cruise: Sit Your Ass Down (Popeater)25 Sad Cleveland Fans (Holy Taco)Hard Ticket To Hawaii Keeps On Giving (Film Drunk)Cleveland Serenades LeBron (Total Pro Sports)Maxim's Hottest Hand Bras (Maxim)Dan Quinn Gives Advice to Jesse James (Cage Potato)Jessica Alba Shows Butt Crack, Enjoys Anal (CelebJihad)Iron Man Vs. Kool-Aid Man (Smosh)Robin Hood Is Not A Very Fun Movie (Pajiba)A Montage of Manliness (Atom)Live In the Original Playboy Mansion (MadeMan)Victory Lane Girls (All Left Turns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Norma Rae’ + Protesters
Friday, May 7 by

**Honk honk honk!!!**Here are your weekend links.Terrence Howard to Play Nelson Mandela (Moviefone) Intimate Gymnastics Will Pump You Up (Asylum)Top Celebrity Commencement Speeches of All Time (PopEater)25 Worst Moms Ever (HolyTaco)RPattz & KStew Make It Official (FilmDrunk)When Adult Cartoon Series Collide (Unreality)Wrestling Backflip Fail (TotalProSports)10 Best Movie Cliffhangers (Maxim)BJ Penn Is Still a -365 Favorite (CagePotato)Miss USA Disgraces Her Country (CelebJihad)10 Best Twictures (Smosh)Gwyneth Paltrow Career Assessment (Pajiba)Iron Manly (Atom)13 Ways to Ruin a Date (MadeMan)Showtime Southern 500 Odds (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Karate Kid’ + Dancer
Friday, April 30 by

Wax on this, Danielson. Here are your weekend links. Three Clubs from 'Swingers' (Moviefone) Best Video Game Bars in America (Asylum)Website Raises Money for Stephen Baldwin (PopEater)Interview With Shit My Dad Says (HolyTaco)'Furry Vengeance Recreated Through Scathing Reviews (FilmDrunk)10 Disturbingly Realistic Zombie Costumes (Unreality)Kentucky Derby Hotties (Maxim)Silva vs. Sonnen Fan-Made Promo (CagePotato)Rihanna Gets Dirty On Stage (CelebJihad)15 More Bad Thongs (Smosh)Jim Carrey Career Assessment (Pajiba)Iron Man 2 Parody (Atom)Try a Different Sex Move Tonight (MadeMan)Heath Calhoun 400 Odds (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Ghostbusters 2′ + Kitten
Friday, April 23 by

If Venkman's artistic expressions weren't suppressed. Here are your weekend links.Tasty Black Widow 'Iron Man 2' Clip (Moviefone) Porn Stars Get Asked Where Babies Come From (Asylum)Bret Michaels in Critical Condition (PopEater)25 Drunk Babies (HolyTaco)Vaness Hudgens as Spider-Girl? (FilmDrunk)Drew Brees Is The Madden 2010 Cover Boy (TotalProSports)The Evolution of Raquel Welch (Unreality)A Fantastic Gallery of Booty (Maxim)Dana White's Latest WEC (CagePotato)Vanessa Hudgens Takes Candid Pics (CelebJihad)35 Things Hulk Fans Need (Smosh)The Pussification of Children's Movies (Pajiba)A Restaurant with Dancing?! (Atom)Aaron's 499 Odds (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘No Country for Old Men’ + Old Man
Friday, April 16 by

Say's who?Here are your weekend links. 10 Nerdiest Superheroes (Moviefone)Jesus Has a Big Penis (Asylum)Kim Kardashian Doesn't Get Why We Like Her Ass (PopEater)25 Real Life Superheroes (HolyTaco)Courtney Love Weighs In on Cobain Role (FilmDrunk)Classy Gay Stormtrooper is Not Threatened by You (Unreality)Phillies Fan Makes a Great Grab (TotalProSports)25 Awesome Killer Robots (Maxim)Ben Fowlkes: A Remembrance (CagePotato)Rachel Bilson Flaunts It by the Pool (CelebJihad)Stoned Dogs (Smosh)Nic Cage Career Assessment (Pajiba)Nick Kroll & Donald Glover Drop Knowledge (Atom)6 Favorite Healthy Beers (MadeMan)Attendence Decline Stumps NASCAR (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Goodfellas’ + Douchebags
Friday, April 9 by

Johnny "Fake Tan" Spinotti wore out his welcome on the first day. Here are your weekend links.10 Best Los Angeles Movies (Moviefone)Oregon Students Rickroll the Subway (Asylum)Charlie Sheen Denies Trying to Strongarm 'Men' (PopEater)25 Sexy 90s Stars (HolyTaco)Star Wars Burlesque Show Video (FilmDrunk)8 Awesome Tarantino Movie Trailer Mashups (Unreality)There Cheerleaders Love Penis (TotalProSports)Why Men Cry (Maxim)Exclusive" Bellator XIII Post-Fight Interviews (CagePotato)Sophie Monk Goes Swimming in a Cold Pool (CelebJihad)10 Horrible Haircuts (Smosh)Steve Carell Career Assessment (Pajiba)Tiger's Transgressions (Atom)Manly Packed Lunches (MadeMan)Subway Fresh Fit 600 Odds (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Amadeus’ + Drummer
Friday, April 2 by

Back in 1776 they had zero tolerance for street musicians. Here are your weekend links.The 'Inglourious Basterds' Clapper Board (Moviefone)8 Randomly Encountered Chatroulette Hotties (Asylum)Charlie Sheen Leaving 'Two and a Half Men'? (PopEater)25 Funny Crucifixes (HolyTaco)Tron Party in San Francisco! (FilmDrunk)Cool Gallery of Futurama Cosplay (Unreality)Cheerleading at its Finest (TotalProSports)Release the Crack-en a.k.a Booties! (Maxim)5 Pairs of Boobies You Have to See (Smosh)New Avatar 2 Trailer (CelebJihad)Thiago Alves's Brain Surgery Video-Blog (CagePotato)Miley Cyrus Career Assessment (Pajiba)Gay Ray, The Reggae Gay (Atom)How to Join the Mafia (MadeMan)NASCAR Prop Bets, Version Two (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Aviator’ + Tramp
Friday, March 26 by

The filthy hobo in the crowd made Howard's senses tingle.Here are your weekend links.Exclusive Kick-Ass Clip (Moviefone)What Not to Do in Tijuana (Asylum)Dennis Hopper Accepts Hollywood Star (PopEater)2010 Douchebag Trophy Presentation (HolyTaco)Toy Stormtroopers in Funny Situations (Unreality)Dirt Bike Glides on Water (TotalProSports)Ravishing Rock Chicks (Maxim)If Video Games Were Real (Smosh)Oil Sheik Purchases Victoria's Secret Models (CelebJihad)UFC 111 Weigh-In (CagePotato)Gerard Butler Career Assessment (Pajiba)Curb Your McConaughey (Atom)6 Places to Dump Your Girlfriend (MadeMan)Drivers Adjusting to Spoiler (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Pulp Fiction’ + Carrot Girl
Friday, March 19 by

She's about to get beta carotene on their ass.Here are your weekend links.Memorable and Shocking PSAs (Moviefone)Why Your Band Hasn't Made It Yet (Asylum)Hugh Grant Got Into a Cake Fight (PopEater)2010 Douchebag Tournament: Round 2, Day 2 (HolyTaco)Journey Singer Loves N-Bombs (FilmDrunk)15 Videos of The Office Cast Outside of Dunder Mifflin (Unreality)Trampoline Dunk Shatters the Backboard (TotalProSports)21 Awesomely Weird Guitars (Maxim)10 Blaxploitative Movie Posters (Smosh)Sandra Bullock is a Disloyal Wife (CelebJihad)UFC Banned From German TV (CagePotato)MacGruber Review (Pajiba)Douche-Off (Atom)12 Places to Pick Up Chicks (MadeMan)Harvick, Edwards Feuding (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Kangaroo Jack’ + Kangaroos
Friday, March 12 by

Burned.Here are your weekend links.10 Most Compelling Interracial Romances (Moviefone)Porn May Be Good for Society (Asylum)A Dramatic Reading of Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' (PopEater)25 A-Peeling Bananas (HolyTaco)Four Minutes of 'Iron Man 2' (FilmDrunk)Life Size Muppets are Terrifying (Unreality)This is One Bad Bruin (TotalProSports)Best Pissed-Off Police Chiefs (Maxim)10 Very Costly Mistakes (Smosh)Lindsay Lohan Suing Pedigree Over Dog Food Ad (CelebJihad)Depressing Photo of the Day: Jens Pulver (CagePotato)Robert Pattinson Career Assessment (Pajiba)Maganzo! (Atom)Top 100 Jobs in America (MadeMan)Everyone Hates Brad Keselowski (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Scarface’ + Curious Dog
Friday, March 5 by

Say hello to my little friend, indeed…Here are your weekend links.Win a Tim Burton Signed Alice in Wonderland Prop (Moviefone)If the Oscars Were Honest (Asylum)What if Burton Never Met Depp? (FlickSided)Brett Favre Talks Retirement, Hannah Montana (PopEater)FilmDrunk's Guide to the Oscars (FilmDrunk)Star Wars in the Real World Gallery (Unreality)Who Knew Golfing Could Be So Painful (TotalProSports)Sex: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (Maxim)10 Fatass Oscar Winners (CelebJihad)WEC 47 Weigh-Ins Go Smoothly, Now Comes Violence (CagePotato)10 Best Quotes of 2009 (Pajiba)Giant Robots Fighting Monsters! (Atom)Female Pickup Artists (MadeMan)2011 Shelby Mustang Pace Car (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ + Jester
Friday, February 26 by

Photo taken right before the prisoners ran a train on "the funny guy." Here are your weekend links.First Look at 'Iron Man 2' Action Figures (Moviefone)Naked New Yorkers Paint The Town Red (Asylum)25 Amazing Snow Sculptures (HolyTaco)Vancouver in Need of a Condom Refill (TotalProSports)Chat Roulette: The Movie (Unreality)Jones vs. Vera Fight Hype (CagePotato)Kate French is Ooh La La (Maxim)Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Megapost (CelebJihad)Bruce Willis Career Assessment (Pajiba)ManBear Part 2 (Atom)The Five Women You Meet in Bars (MadeMan)Shelby American Odds (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Tootsie’ + Tranny
Friday, February 19 by

Seems the audtion process needs a few more checks and balances. Here are your weekend links.Black Hollywood's 10 Game-Changing Films (Moviefone)Zebra Escapes in Downtown Atlanta (Asylum)25 Dog Fails (HolyTaco)Make a Damned Pong Movie Already (FilmDrunk)This Cricket Fan Had One Too Many (TotalProSports)10 Celebrities Turned Muscle Heads (Unreality)The UFC Has No Loyalty to Anyone (CagePotato)Best Supporting Mustaches (Maxim)Megan Fox Looks Cold in W Magazine (CelebJihad)Leonardo DiCaprio Career Assessment (Pajiba)57 Seconds of Abuse (Atom)15 Great Jack Drinks (MadeMan)Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gear Contest (AllLeftTurns)

20 Awesome Photobombed Movie Stills
Thursday, February 18 by

Every Friday we here at Screen Junkies bomb a famous movie still. Here's a gallery of them.'American History X' 'Ghost' 'Jurassic Park' 'Say Anything' 'Rear Window'

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ + Mad Black Woman
Friday, February 12 by

REAL mad black women prefer sledehammers to diaries. Here are your weekend links.Full Calendar of Movies Named After Holidays (Moviefone)25 Hot Bartenders (HolyTaco)25 Hot Female Winter Olympians (TotalProSports)Porn Stars Name Their Favorite Presidents (Asylum)Laser Kills Mosquito in Slo-Mo (FilmDrunk)Nine-Second Knockout of the Day (CagePotato)Extremely Disturbing Cosplay Photo (Unreality)What Your Valentine's Gift Really Says About You (Maxim)Megan Fox's Body Double (CelebJihad)Best Films Set in the Olympics (Pajiba)Playboy Mansion Red Carpet Footage (Atom)How to Start a Brewery (MadeMan)Daytona 500 Late Odds (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Godfather’ + Snookie
Friday, February 5 by

As punishment for not giving "The Situation" the part, the producer woke up to find Snookie under his sheets.Here are your weekend links.25 Greatest Garbage Pail Kids (HolyTaco)Brazilian Comentator Faints on Live TV (TotalProSports)Insider Says Watchmen Sequel Not Happening (Moviefone)If Famous Directors Direct The Super Bowl (FilmDrunk)Does Chaeil Sonnen Have Your Attention Yet? (CagePotato)15 Anti-Climactic Movie Posters (Unreality)80's-Influenced Technology Available Now (Asylum)UFC's Kenda Perez Pics (Maxim)Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are Dating (CelebJihad)George Lucas:Hero or Heretic (Pajiba)Val Kilmer Unravels The Super Bowl (Atom)6 Easy Steps to Bone-Crushing Tackles (MadeMan)You May Be Infected with Danica Fever (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ + Lame Vampire
Friday, January 29 by

Someone decided to "turn" a tad prematurely. Here are your weekend links.25 People Kicked in the Nuts (HolyTaco)A 1/2 Rotation Backflip Can be Painful (TotalProSports)Hot Girls in Mirrors Make Great Photographers (TheChive)Lessons We've Learned from Gambling Movies (Moviefone)8 Wettest & Wildest Videos (Maxim)Farther Down the Juggalo Rabbit Hole (FilmDrunk)Where the Wild Sopranos Are (Manofest)10 Most Indelible Characters of the Last 100 Years (Pajiba)"Pants on the Ground" Singer Found Dead (CelebJihad)You Cannot Beat the J.J. Abrams Board Game (Unreality)Best Videos of the iPad Backlash (Asylum)8 Rejected iPad Prototypes (RegretfulMorning)6 Best Beer and Grub Combos (MadeMan)Will Hamlin's Injury Affect His 2010 Season (AllLeftTurns)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Room’ + Distraught Man
Friday, January 22 by

It wasn't the paralysis that pushed him to the edge, but Tommy's stilted dialogue. Here are your weekend links.25 Clever Exam Answers (HolyTaco)Hockey's 10 Most Creative Shootout Goals (TotalProSports)These Facebook Girls Must Have Lower Back Issues (TheChive)Guess Those Video Game Panties (Maxim)The Creepiest Old Ladies in Movies (MovieFone)Brendan Fraser's Dork Laugh: The Remix (FilmDrunk)20 People Whose Parents Don't Love Them (SuperTremendous)Should You Give Up Cable TV? (Pajiba)Taylor Momsen Dresses Like a Cheap Call Girl (CelebJihad)10 Misuses of the Laugh Track (Unreality)ALF is Now on Twitter (Asylum)This Cat Says, "Om nom nom" When It Eats (RegretfulMorning)The Psychology of 4 Guy Movies (MadeMan)Driver Sues NASCAR for Being Called Klansman (AllLeftTurns)Soccer Fan Gets His Ass Kicked (NothingToxic)Get Down to the IKEA Song (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Rock’ + Squirrel
Friday, January 15 by

Real cute, squirrel. Prepare to get f*cked. 25 Crazy Pizzas That I'd Eat (HolyTaco)Girl Flashes Hockey Players, Boosts Morale (TotalProSports)Hot Girls with Hot Tattoos (TheChive)A Skateboard Movie for People Who Like Drugs (FilmDrunk)The Golden Globes Drinking Game (Moviefone)20 Politicians Making Fart Noises (Manofest)Denzel Washington Career Assessment (Pajiba)Alessandra Ambrosia and Miranda Kerr in Lingerie (CelebJihad)The Straight Facts on Video Games (Unreality)The 'Bitch Slap' Girls Talk About Their Boobs (Asylum)Girls are Bad at Sound Effects (RegretfulMorning)Beer Tour: New York (MadeMan)Shaved-Back NASCAR Guy Update (AllLeftTurns)Criminal vs. Cops in Prison (NothingToxic)Tiger's Transgressions Game (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Crash’ + Klansman
Friday, January 8 by

In a strange turn of events, the klansman sat at the back of the bus.Here are your weekend links.Watch Videos on Your iPhone. Right now. (iTunes)25 Holy Images in Everyday Things (HolyTaco)15 Hot Alabama Crimson Tide Girls (TotalProSports)Feed or Felicia Day Nerd Crush (TheCrush)Cora Skinner Looks Good in ANYTHING (Maxim)You Can Do Things to Keeley Hazell (Manofest)Nick Nolte Documentary Looks GD Amazing (FilmDrunk)Everything's Coming Up Quaid (Pajiba)2009 Movie Mashup Video (CelebJihad)The Scariest Looking Abandoned Theaters (Unreality)GPS Lingerie Device Has No Purpose (Asylum)6 Douchebags You're Likely to Meet Online (RegretfulMorning)America's Most Notorious Frats (MadeMan)Who is the Shaved-Back NASCAR Guy? (AllLeftTurns)Truck Slams into Ticket Writing Cop (NothingToxic)What the Crap is the Google Nexus 1? (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Bad Boys + Prairie Dog
Friday, December 18 by

Prairie dog see, Prairie dog do. This weekend's dramatic links.The History of Boob Jobs (HolyTaco)A Golf Shot Made Down a Winding Staircase (TotalProSports)Sexy Santas (TheChive)15 Inappropriate Posters Redone for the Holidays (MovieFone)Sarah Jessica Parker Kicked by a Cow Open Thread (FilmDrunk)20 Worst Christmas Family Portraits (Manofest)Stephanie Pratt Wears Jackets with No Shirt (Maxim)10 Most Culturally Poisonous Movies of the Aughts (Pajiba)Tiger Woods' Wife Planning to Sleep with Other Golfers (CelebJihad)5 Classic Movies that Were Supposed to be Disasters (Unreality)Best Sexy Model Calendars of 2010 (Asylum)Ingrid Ullrich Looks Good in Black & White (RegretfulMorning)How to Pick Up an Athletic Chick (MadeMan)Top Five Drivers of the Decade (AllLeftTurns)Pothead Chokes to Death (NothingToxic)Best Video of 2009 (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Full Metal Jacket + Rocketman
Friday, December 4 by

Rocketman doesn't care if your military base is closed to the public. Here are your weekend links:25 Hilarious WiFi Network Names (HolyTaco)Buffalo Bills Coach Steamrolled on Sideline (TotalProSports)Douchebags Everywhere (TheChive)Taylor Lautner Gets Xtreme (FilmDrunk)25 Funniest Nutshots of All Time (SuperTremendous) 10 Best Stand-Alone TV Episodes of the Aughts (Pajiba)Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix (CelebJihad)Sex Mario is Freaking Us Out (Unreality)Kylie Bisutti – Before She Was an Angel (Asylum)Generate Your Own Tiger-Esque Sext Message (BustedCoverage)Fire Stunt Ends Badly (RegretfulMorning)Have Ambien Sex Like Tiger Does (MadeMan)Montoya and Stewart Almost Hug It Out (AllLeftTurns)Epic Ghetto Catfight (NothingToxic)Hot Twitter Chick (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Troy + 2 Horny Greeks
Friday, November 20 by

Achilles' never knew the real reason the opposing forces retreated so quickly. Cozy up with these weekend links.Thanksgiving Bingo Card (HolyTaco)Hilarious Attempt at World's Longest Basketball Shot (TotalProSports)Douchebags with Duckfaces (TheChive)View from the World's Tallest Building (SuperTremendous)Best of the New Moon Mashups (FilmDrunk)A Taste of Next Year's Horrible Horror Movies (Pajiba)New Moon Panned By Critics (CelebJihad)The Evolution of Microsoft Windows (Unreality)Best Playboy Covers of the '90s (Asylum)Alizee Paradis The Decade's Hottest College Athlete (BustedCoverage)Hockey Celebration Doesn't End Well (RegretfulMorning)'09 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Gallery (MadeMan)Wreck of the Week: NASCAR with Friends (AllLeftTurns)Girls Kicks Fat Bastard's Ass (NothingToxic)What the Crap is New Moon? (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Robocop + Cardboard Robot
Friday, November 13 by

Even though it was an inferior model, ED208 refused to let his successor triumph alone. Don't give up on these weekend links.Weekend in Vegas Bingo (HolyTaco) Charles Barkley Wears Whiteface Like Sosa (TotalProSports) D-bag Contest in South Beach (TheChive) Context-Free 2012 Pic of the Day (FilmDrunk) 25 Worst Celebrity Wax Figures (SuperTremendous) 100 Greatest Quotes from The Wire (Pajiba) Video: Carrie Prejean's Sex Tape Leaked (CelebJihad) Street Fighter Snuggie Rules (Unreality) Scientists Working on Invisibility Cloak (Asylum) Hot Cheerleaders with Big Mouth Bass (BustedCoverage) Ninja Cat Returns! (RegretfulMorning) Overcome Friday the 13th Phobia (MadeMan) Phoenix Crash Videos (AllLeftTurns) Hot Wasted College Girl Pisses Herself Then Disrobes (NothingToxic) How to Prevent Mistakes (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Reservoir Dogs + Lost Toddler
Friday, November 6 by

Distracted by his colorful toy, little Jason wondered right into a Mexican standoff.Here are today's links:Dive Bar Bingo (HolyTaco) Soccer Bully Elizabeth Lambert Suspended Indefinitely (TotalProSports) Kristy, the Hottest Girl on Facebook? (TheChive) Jessica Alba Gettin' Belted (FilmDrunk) The Rain Storm Choir (SuperTremendous) One-Flick Wonders (Pajiba) Pictures of Marisa Miller From Her Blog (CelebJihad) Top 10 Superhero Movies of All Time (Unreality) Robot Hands Are the Wave of the Future (Asylum) Where in the World is Jenn Brown? (BustedCoverage) Flowchart: Should I Buy Her a Drink? (RegretfulMorning) How to Make Perfect Playlists (MadeMan) Townley Gets Childress Nationwide Ride (AllLeftTurns) Brutal Punch Combo Ends High School Fight (NothingToxic) Milk Men – Mad Men Parody (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Fool’s Gold + Bearsharktopus
Friday, October 23 by

Above photo taken right before Donald Sutherland destroyed BearsharktopusHere are your carnivorous hybrid links!25 Famous Unscary Ghosts (HolyTaco) Marisa Miller Thinks Derrick Rose Is Sexy (TotalProSports)If ESPN Designed Movie Posters (TheChive)The New A-Team Looks Photoshoppy (FilmDrunk)The Human Jump Rope Looks Painful (SuperTremendous)5 Most Empowered Females Currently On TV (Pajiba)Kim Kardashian Needs To Consider The People Below Her (CelebJihad)'Left 4 Dead 2' Trailer (Unreality)5 Crazy Cool Mental Illnesses (Asylum)Celebrate By Setting A Phillies Fan On Fire (BustedCoverage)6 Ways The Internet F's Up Your Life (RegretfulMorning)In Defense Of Living in Seattle (MadeMan)Dale Earnhardt Jr. Petition (AllLeftTurns)Times Square Badass Fist Fight (NothingToxic)Streaking Obama (Atom)

PHOTOBOMB FRIDAYS: Saving Private Ryan + Blackout Drunk
Friday, October 16 by

"The casualties of war were nothing compared to the casualties of the Dave Matthews Band's Normandy concert."These weekend links are FUBAR!!!Sex Excuse Bingo (HolyTaco)Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Forgets His Line On Jeopardy (TotalProSports)More Lovely Ladies Of Facebook (TheChive)Sense And Sensibility And Mexicans (FilmDrunk)The Amazing Juggling Karamazov Brothers (SuperTremendous)11 Reasons Why The Twilight Phenomenon Is Scary (Pajiba)Robert Pattinson Teaches How To Beat Up Dogs (CelebJihad)Every Kramer Entrance From Seinfeld Ever (Unreality) The Worse Video Game C*ckblockers (Asylum)Oklahoma Fan Lets Ass Crack Breath (BustedCoverage)4Chan Recruits Balloon Boy (RegretfulMorning)U.S. Military Developing Lightsabers (MadeMan)NASCAR Halloween Costume Photo Contest (AllLeftTurns)Drink British Asshole Headbutts Cute Girl (NothingToxic)Dinner Party Dirty Talk (Atom)

Photobomb Fridays: Rear Window + Fat Spider-Man
Friday, October 9 by

"You know, sometimes I think I'd rather have my old wife-murdering neighbor back." Sorry, Jimmy. You'll have to settle for the fat nerd and these links:How To Convince Your GF That The House Is Haunted (HolyTaco)Matt Holiday Blows It For The Cardinals (TotalProSports)Caught Red Handed Lookin' At Boobies (TheChive)Terry Gilliam's Favorite Animated Films (FilmDrunk)The 10 Greatest Books Adapted Into Movies (SuperTremendous)The Boogieman Project Round II (Pajiba)Miley's Boyfriend Forced Her To Quit Twitter (CelebJihad)14 Coolest Guitar Hero Guitar Mods (Unreality)World's Larget Pumpkin Cannon In Action (Asylum)Why We Love College Football: A Gallery (BustedCoverage)Backyard Wrestling Ends Badly (RegretfulMorning)How To Make A Perfect First Impression (MadeMan)Audrina Patridge Thinks She Loves NASCAR (AllLeftTurns)Soccer Player Brutally Kicked In The Head (NothingToxic)Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From? (Atom)

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