Donald Trump’s Hair: A Comprehensive Gallery
Thursday, April 21 by

When you see a normal person with a bad hair style, you wonder what they were thinking. But with Trump, it’s not a question of what. It’s a question of how and why.

Movie Night With The SJ Girls
Wednesday, September 15 by

Screen Junkies fans (yes, we have them) Sara and Janelle decided to show off their new gear by having a movie night. They sent us the pics and now I share them with you. I call this piece "S&J For SJ."

Well hello, Ladies. Where'd you get that snazzy swag?

Circa 1996, when VHS and 'Tin Cup' were popular.

"How are we gonna play these?!"

20 Killer Assassin Movies
Wednesday, June 2 by

Hollywood has an overwhelming fascination with people who kill other people for a living, as evidenced by the release of Killers on Friday. The below movies center on characters with excellent marksmanship and a penchant for professional hits. Show us your skillz by naming all 20 movie titles in the comments section. The first three people to get them all correct will win a Break t-shirt. And don't get your panties in a bunch, we're getting Screen Junkies t-shirts soon. I know how badly you guys want to wear us on your backs.

15 Celebrities Servicing Invisible Men
Thursday, May 6 by

Let your imagination do the rest.

15 Funny Movie Marquees
Friday, April 30 by

One ticket, please.

15 Best Examples of The Xzibit Meme
Saturday, April 24 by

Yo Dawg, we heard you like memes and galleries, so we put a whole bunch of Yo Dawg memes from YoDawgYo and other galleries into one Yo Dawg meme gallery of the best Yo Dawg memes.

25 Real Life Superheroes
Thursday, April 22 by

Kick-Ass kicked a dragon's ass at the box office this past weekend, so we thought we'd honor the triumph by showcasing 25 real life superheroes. Maybe Kick-Ass can team up with Captain Ozone Ireland for the sequel. I heard he's got sweet nunchuck skillz.

20 Poor Pugs in Movie Costumes
Tuesday, March 23 by

Why are pugs specifically so much fun to humiliate?Teen Wolf Pug Syriana Pug Tin Man Pug Arachnophobia Pug Spiderman Pug 

Stormtroopers are Just Like Us
Wednesday, March 10 by

RedandJonny are a nice, young married couple who just happen to wear Stormtrooper helmets and document their adventures. You can check out their Flickr account here, but I've picked 25 of my favorite shots.

25 Creepy Celebrity Wax Sculptures
Thursday, March 4 by

Melt down these false idols! Every last one of 'em!

20 Awesome Photobombed Movie Stills
Thursday, February 18 by

Every Friday we here at Screen Junkies bomb a famous movie still. Here's a gallery of them.'American History X' 'Ghost' 'Jurassic Park' 'Say Anything' 'Rear Window'

25 Sexy Stormtroopers
Friday, February 12 by

Aren't you a little hot for a stormtrooper? 

20 Celebs Falling on Their Asses
Friday, January 22 by

It's always so magical to catch a falling star…Sylvester StalloneCarmen ElectraParis HiltonTara ReidSharon StoneAmy Winehouse

25 Awesome Fan-Made Vehicle Replicas
Friday, January 8 by

Some of these vehicles are exact replicas of the ones in popular movies and TV shows, while others are simply inspired by the material. Regardless, they are all awesome, and some day I will own an airplane hanger where I can store the lot of them. Can you name the movies and shows they all come from?

20 Best Movie Mustaches of the Aughts
Friday, December 18 by

Twas a fine decade for facial hair in cinema. There were men donning mustaches a plenty, but we toiled and twirled the 'staches we can't grow and picked the twenty best. Did we leave off your favorite one? Let us know who else sported an exemplary mustache on film in the past ten years.

20 Weird Movie and TV Holiday Cards
Thursday, December 10 by

The holiday spirit is hidden somewhere in these greetings…

25 Kickass Custom Kicks
Thursday, November 12 by

Represent your favorite movies and TV shows by sportin' them when you strut, shuffle, or, if you're in a spritely mood, skip. Do you want these shoes? Do you have them? Can you send me the Marty McFly ones in a size 10?

Friday, August 7 by

By Seymour Hersh, Investigative Journalist

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