People Are Crazy: Post-Rapture Kennel Care
Thursday, February 18 by

Don't worry, when there's no more heathens these saved survivors will take care of your pets. I just hope it's a single animal to a cage. Fraternizing gives my dog the runs. (Videogum)These links guarantee access to heaven. Hollywood's 10 Most Eeeeevil Actors (Moviefone)Traveling at Light Speed Will Kill You (Asylum)Epic Beard Man's Doodles (HolyTaco)Kevin Smith Won't Shut Up About Southwest (FilmDrunk)Shaq Turned Down by Shakira (TotalProSports)Most Random Superwoman Picture Ever (Unreality)Interview: Ben Rothwell Talks Cro Cop (CagePotato)California NASCAR Babes (Maxim)Justin Bieber Torments 3 Year Old Girl (CelebJihad)The Best Snow Movies (Pajiba)It's Really Hard to Tell a Girl You Love Her (Atom)How to Decode a Restaurant Menu (MadeMan)Auto Club 500 Odds (AllLeftTurns)

People Are Crazy: ‘Star Wars’ Characters Shill Japanese Tuna
Wednesday, February 3 by

It's a true fact that Japan's chief exports are crazy sh*t and tuna. This commercial for Hagoromo Tuna kills two birds with one stone. It's not the first time we've seen a foreign "homage" to Star Wars, but it is the first time we've seen the iconic characters pimp probably-not-dolphin-safe salads and hors d'oeuvres. A large part of our job here at Screen Junkies is to look at pictures of hot actresses (like KRISTEN BELL IN HER UNDERWEAR or SEXY PATRICIA De LEON BEING SEXY for instance), yet I can't take my eyes off C3PO's tight, little rear. Please let it be a chick under that costume. (Buzzfeed)

People Are Crazy: Worst Strip Club Commercial Ever
Monday, January 25 by

Worst Strip Club Commercial Ever – Watch more Funny VideosThe free lunch buffet doesn't make up for this horribly produced local commercial. If you want to sell the goods of a strip club may I suggest showing more of the girls sans a skeezy guy with a ponytail. Or at least give me some shots of the mac 'n cheese bubbling atop a Sterno flame. Mmmm, look at all that Hep C.

People Are Crazy: French Star Wars Disco
Friday, January 8 by

We've decided to institute a new feature on Screen Junkies called, People Are Crazy. For the kick-off we look to the nation of France, second only to Japan in terms of being cuckoo bananas, as this Stars Wars dance battle clearly illustrates. If the French Remade Star Wars – Watch more Funny Videos Oooooh, Lord Vader got served. (via I Watch Stuff)

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