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‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday’ Coming To Netflix, Courtesy Of Judd Apatow
Tuesday, February 24 by

We’ve got some new info for ya.

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Pee-Wee Herman Getting A Netflix Special, Produced By Judd Apatow
Friday, December 26 by

Time to pull the grey suit and tiny bow tie out of moth balls.

I went with this image after I went into a Google image search for "Fat Bitch" unprepared.
8 Movies-Within-Movies That Should Be Made
Tuesday, October 25 by

Instead of the Battleship film, why didn’t someone sack up and make ‘Nation’s Pride’?

First Peek At Pee-Wee Herman’s HBO Show
Thursday, February 3 by

We haven’t seen too much of him since he beat the crap out of Anderson Cooper. That’s because he’s been preparing — biding his time so that he can beat the crap out of all of us with nostalgia-based comedy.

Pee-wee Herman Takes His Mean Machine To Sturgis
Tuesday, August 10 by

He missed Comic Con, but it seems any large gathering will do. Even at the risk of being curbed. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was overtaken by nuuuurds yesterday when Pee-wee Herman appeared at the Buffalo Chip campground. Pee-wee shared the bill with Ozzy, Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Bob Dylan, and also led the world's largest Tequila Dance in honor of National Tequila Day (which I missed so I'll start celebrating immediatshillayly arriba arriba!!!).
"Bob Dylan is here because people like him and Pee-wee is here for the same reason," said Buffalo Chip owner Rod Woodruff. "They are both American icons." Oooooo, I can't wait to see what Cate Blanchett will do with the porn theater scene in Herman's inevitable biopic. (Huffington Post)

Pee-Wee’s Big Apatow Adventure
Wednesday, June 30 by

Hey Jeffrey Jones, I know you are, but what am I! Pee-Wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) has at least one last big adventure left in him now that director Judd Apatow has announced he will produce the character's return to the big screen. The news comes nearly 20 years after an unfortunate incident involving a porno theater and his own wiener left Reubens a Hollywood pariah, all but killing the Pee-Wee character. Luckily for Reubens, society has finally devolved to the point where wanking off in a seedy porno theater no longer precludes one from being a children's entertainer. "Let's face it," says Apatow, "the world needs more Pee-Wee Herman. I am so excited to be working with Paul Reubens, who is an extraordinary and ground-breaking actor and writer. It's so great to watch him return with such relevance." I agree. We need more Pee-Wee. But relevance? I'm not sure feeding off of pathetic Gen-X nostalgia counts as relevance. Unless, of course, making boatloads of cash is the same as being relevant, in which case Pee-Wee is about to become one relevant mofo. (Empire Online)

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