The 3 Best And Worst Horror Remakes In Movie History
Wednesday, November 28 by Tony Dayton

Everyone loves a good horror flick. Over the years there have been some classic horror films that featured blood and gore, heart stopping moments, psychotic villains, gruesome monsters, and things…

I've gotta learn to cook patty melts.
We Rank The Carl’s Jr. Ads From Best To Worst
Tuesday, February 28 by

I’ve gotta learn to cook patty melts.

Paris Hilton Quotes That Are Almost As Vapid As Her
Monday, October 10 by Diana Exil

The best Paris Hilton quotes give us an insight into the life and thoughts of this notorious socialite.  Getting into more trouble than she ought to, Paris Hilton has been…

Well, Woodrow Wilson didn't know about Tila Tequila.
9 Women In Hollywood Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote
Friday, August 26 by

In honor of the 91st birthday of the 19th Amendment…

Hollywood's Worst Fear...
Why Reality Stars SHOULD Receive Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Friday, August 26 by

The snooty Hollywood Chamber of Commerce can’t handle reality.

Paris after hearing her own life described out loud.
Paris Hilton’s Show Cancelled. Also, Paris Hilton Had A TV Show.
Wednesday, August 24 by

This frees her up to get back to her real passions: Making fish-faces for paparazzi and banging guys who drive yellow Lamborghinis.

Blake Lively Nude Pics a Career Killer
Blake Lively Nude Pics a Career Killer
Wednesday, June 1 by

Uh, no.

10 Best 2008 Romance Movies
Wednesday, February 9 by Jennifer Wright

The 10 best 2008 romance movies are mostly romantic comedies. Not a lot of mushy romance movies were released in 2008, but romantic comedy still counts as romance, right? “Sex…

5 Actresses Caught Topless
Thursday, November 18 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 5 best actresses caught topless are those poor chicks who just have no sense about them. Failing to realize that the stalker paparazzi are always just a stone's throw…

Monday, May 18 by

According to the "like nachos, but zestier" Film Drunk, The Paris Hilton documentary Paris, Not France – soon to send a generation of geography teachers to suicidal lows – just released this three-minute teaser-trailer.  Read FD's in-depth analysis, which coins the soon-to-be-on-a-tee-shirt term, “PAPARAZZI ASS DILDO PARTY” here.Let's get this link party started! No denying Patricia Silveira Is A Hot Babe (SickPigs) Hilarious Water Skiing Monkeys (Manofest) Tom Hanks Is A Funny Guy (Pajiba) Angelina Christina's Spank Bank (GorillaMask) Watch The Dude With The Cell Phone (IAmBored) 18 More Disturbing Sex Toys (Cracked) Jim Carrey looks creepy In A Christmas Carol (Filmofilia) Fox Pulls The Plug On Sarah Connor Chronicles (DreadCentral) This Man Can Help You With Video Production (Holytaco) Brenda Lynn Is A Sexy Babe (BustedCoverage) Jenna Brooke Is A Hottie (Uncoached) Princess And The Frog Trailer (Unreality) Martin Short To Be In Arrested Development Movie (ThePlaylist) Employee Of The Month (TomOatmeal) Taxi Cuts Down Young Lady (NothingToxic) The Sexiest Chicks Of Summer (Chickipedia)

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