Some of the Oscar-nominated short films of the last several years have been truly excellent. Some of them are even available to watch online. While reading through some of the best Oscar-nominated short films, feel free to search for them online and you might just be lucky enough to find one of these underappreciated film gems.

  1. “God of Love” This Oscar-nominated short film was made in 2010 and is directed by Luke Matheny. The story revolves around a darts champion who’s working as a lounge singer. He prays to God for help with his love life and is sent darts that can induce love. The story may be short, but it’s definitely not short on intrigue.

  2. “The Tonto Woman” An Oscar-nominated film from the United Kingdom, “The Tonto Woman” was made in 2007. It was directed by Daniel Barber and is a suspenseful tale about a woman whose husband keeps her in isolation after she was kidnapped by Apache Indians for eleven years. A mysterious stranger befriends her and works toward re-socializing her and saving her marriage.

  3. “Wish 143” Directed by Ian Barnes, this Oscar-nominated film was made in 2009. It tells the story of a young man suffering from a potentially terminal illness and wants to have a chance to grow up and enjoy life. This heartbreaking short film is powerful and soulful to say the least.

  4. “John and Karen” The intrigue of this Oscar-nominated short film from 2007 is that it’s animated and serious at the same time. It was directed and written by Matthew Walker and depicts a story about a couple who has some serious issues to resolve. This animated short film manages to get a lot into just five minutes.

  5. “Let’s Pollute” The list of Oscar-nominated short films wouldn’t be complete without a satire. This animated film mocks educational films from the 1950s and 1960s and talks about how polluting is part of the America way. The satirical elements of the film give a strong message not to pollute.