The 5 Most Memorable Movie Mindf*cks
Tuesday, February 14 by

Yeah, Oldboy is on the list.

‘Old Boy’ Remake is Dead? Aw Heeeeell No!
Tuesday, November 10 by

Oh hell yes, Will Smith. Oh hell yes. Pull the scissors away from your tongue, they'll be no self-mutilation for you. The Steven Spielberg directed, Will Smith starring remake of Old Boy has hit a snag. The kind of snag that tears you open and you bleed out. Apparently producers Dreamworks and Mandate couldn't reach an agreement as they strived to get the rights to the original manga, and both parties decided to say f*ck it. Except Spielberg said it with a bit of a lisp, and Smith just shook his head with a pained expression.Regardless of how it went down, fans of the original film can rejoice. Plans for an inevitabley watered-down Hollywood remake are dead. Sometimes dark, violent, complex, and intriguing foreign projects are too good for this Western world. You may have won this time, Japan. But don't you worry, we'll turn another one of your movies into popcorn bullsh*t reeeeeal soon, ya heard?! (CinemaBlend)  

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