The Nora Roberts movies that have been adapted from her novels have been very popular since airing. There are 8 movies in total that have been converted from some of the most popular Nora Roberts novels. Each movie gave an exciting story line, with a stellar cast.

"Magic Moments" 

"Magic Moments" hit the screen in 1989, with a cast of John Abbott, Shirley Cassedy, and Tony Caunter. In this movie, a magician decides to try doing a TV special, where he ends up having controversy, then love, with the beautiful producer. The controversy comes when the producers guardian steps in and tries to ruin the relationship, which only adds to the couple getting together.

"Angels Fall"  

"Angels Fall" was a made-for-TV movie that followed the story line of the book by Nora Roberts, "Angels Fall". Heather Locklear, Johnathon Schaech, and Gery Hudson all gave a heart-pounding performance in this romance thriller. The movie follows the story line of a sole survivor of a killing in a restaurant starting life over again in a small town, where she not only falls in love but finds that the killer has followed her. This movie hit the screen in 2007.

"Blue Smoke"  

"Blue Smoke" excited everyone in 2007 when it hit the screen. Alicia Witt, Matthew Settle, and Scott Bakula all worked together in bringing an exciting story line of fire and intrigue alive on the screen. After watching her family die in a fire, Alicia Witt becomes an arson investigator where she soon learns she is falling in love and chasing the arson who killed her family, and trying to find out if they are one and the same.

"Carolina Moon" 

"Carolina Moon" was a movie that followed Nora Roberts book "Carolina Moon". The story line of a girl who can see the future and past, returns home where, as a child, her best friend was killed. It surfaces a serial killer, which ends up being someone close to her. Finding out if it is the boy she has always loved is the hard part for her. the stellar cast of Claire Forlani, Oliver Hudson and Jacquelin Bisset work well to add a sizzle to the screen.

"High Noon" 

"High Noon" was a movie that casted Emilie Ravin, Ivan Sergie, and Brian Markinson worked together in 2007 to make a popular made-for-TV movie. A hostage negotiator works with the struggles of a family, love, and of course, a killer chasing her all in one thrilling movie.

"Midnight Bayou" 

"Midnight Bayou" is a movie that came to life on the screen in 2009. Jerry O'Connell, Lauren Stamilie, and Faye Dunaway explode on the screen following the story line of the book by Nora Roberts. The story line follows a lawyer who, on an impulse, buys a home in New Orleans and finds it haunted by a ghost of himself, in the past. The other ghost of the house happens to be the sexy girl down the street that he is falling in love with.

"Montana Sky" 

"Montana Sky" hit the TV screens in 2007, casting an all-star cast of John Corbett, Ashley Williams, and Charlotte Ross. In this thrilling movie filled with a number of love stories, and a deranged killer, three daughters who know nothing of one another come together when their father leaves a Montana ranch to them if they can manage to stay on it together for one year.


"Tribute" follows Nora Roberts novel by the same name, and was made-for-TV in 2009. In this story line, an old child star takes her money and buys her grandmothers old home, restoring it herself while falling in love with the neighbor across the street. However, while restoring it, she uncovers secrets of her grandmother some would rather stay hidden, and is soon being chased by a killer.