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Liam Neeson Re-Teaming With ‘Unknown’ And ‘Non-Stop’ Gang To Bring Us ‘The Commuter’
Monday, September 21 by

With a title like that I bet he’s going to have a little coffee mug and a book on tape. Adorable.

Liam Neeson Deals With Some Jerk Murdering Everyone On A Plane In ‘Non-Stop’ Trailer
Wednesday, October 16 by

Always bet on Black… Irish.

Jeff Wadlow doesn't go anywhere without his iPod full of Spin Doctors B-sides and rarities.
Wadlow Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Prepping Airline Thriller ‘Non-Stop’
Monday, August 1 by

An airplane thriller focusing on an air marshall. One request: DON’T MAKE IT LIKE ‘FLIGHTPLAN’! Thx.

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