‘Breaking Dawn’ Actress Nikki Reed
Thursday, November 17 by

Twilight? Yeah, Twilight.

Trailer For ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Has It All
Sunday, June 5 by

Lookin’ good, sexy vampires.

Kristen Stewart May Spend Her Summer In Prison
Wednesday, March 2 by

No. They didn’t outlaw mumbling and lip-biting. After two years of false starts, the prison drama ‘K-11′ is ready to go before cameras.

Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed Move To ‘Downers Grove’
Monday, November 8 by

Hayden Panettiere is wasting no time in becoming Hollywood’s next Scream Queen. With Scream 4 under her belt, she’s now joining the thriller Downer’s Grove. Prom Night’s Nelson McCormick is directing the script adapted by Bret Easton Ellis, with Panettiere, Nikki Reed, and Rebecca De Mornay having signed on.

Nikki Reed and Deborah Ann Woll Locked And Loaded For ‘Catch .44′
Thursday, July 1 by

Hot teen vampire worlds are about to collide. Twilight's Nikki Reed will be joined by "True Blood's" blood-teary eyed Deborah Ann Woll in Aaron Harvey's Catch .44. The fanged duo will join Malin Akerman to form a trio of gorgeous assassins who's next mission may be their last when they're pitted between Bruce Willis's crime boss and Forest Whitaker's psychotic hitman. Something tells me he's not a sharp-shooter. Just sayin'.File photo: F. WhitakerHonestly though, why are hot girls always playing assassins in movies? In my experience the prettier the girl, the more likely they are to find some desperate nerd to garrote their marks. Or help them move. It depends on whether or not you were raised in Detroit. (Deadline)

‘New Moon’ Actress Nikki Reed
Wednesday, November 18 by

Nikki Reed wrote the screenplay for the movie Thirteen at fifteen. It would have been more impressive if she would have written it at thirteen, but whatever. I guuuuess it's still quite an accomplishment. Now Nikki is reprising her role of Rosalie in New Moon. At 21 years of age. A word from Nikki: "I had hoped that girls all over the world would relate to Thirteen." I'm sure all the slutty, druggy ones did. Courtney Love probably balled while watching that movie. Balled right into her mound of cocaine.  The pics after the jump will have you doing the opposite of balling.

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